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To all of our readers: we fully appreciate the critical importance of understanding the increasingly significant role that China is playing in the fast-changing, closely-integrated global community.

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China News: Chief Justice Called for Standing Firm against the Western Idea of “Judicial Independence”

China News recently reported that Zhou Qiang, Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court and the Communist Party Secretary of the Supreme Court Branch, delivered a speech at the National High Court Chiefs’ Conference. He called for “clearly and firmly standing up against” wrongful Western thoughts such as “Constitutional Democracy, the Separation of Powers, and Judicial Independence.” Zhou also called for putting up a decisive fight against the idea and the people with the idea of dismissing the leadership of the Communist Party and the Socialist system. He required the high courts of all provinces to set these tasks as the highest priority on their work agenda. Zhou also asked all courts to include these requirements in the human resources systems to measure candidates in their performance review and promotion processes. Monitoring and accountability mechanisms must also be established.

Source: China News, January 4, 2017

Chinese Government Asked Owner of App Showing Pollution Index to “Fix” It

Radio Free Asia (RFA) and the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily each reported recently that the Chinese environmental protection agency asked the owner of the mobile app “Air Matters” to “fix” the app so that it will not display the air pollution index numbers once they reach a certain level. The app displays air pollution index values based on officially released government data. However, the app did make it significantly easier for average citizens to obtain pollution level information. The app uses Chinese standard measures to display the data and it is also capable of interpreting the data using other standards such as the U.S., the British, and even the Indian standards. The Chinese authorities have been saying that it is “obviously unreasonable” to use a foreign standard to measure Chinese data. The event triggered a massive discussion online among Chinese netizens. Most posted comments such as, “The government is unable to fix the smog pollution over a long period of time; however, it can fix the app writer’s <ability> to show the pollution level very swiftly.” The government has subsequently also blocked any comments on this news.

Radio Free Asia, January 9, 2017
Apple Daily, January 8, 2017

BBC Chinese: China’s Take-Over of Port Triggered Conflict in Sri Lanka

BBC Chinese recently reported that local residents in port Hambantota, Sri Lanka, clashed with the police. A groundbreaking ceremony triggered the incident. In an agreement, the government granted full management rights of the port to a Chinese company to build an industrial park. The rental agreement is for a period of 99 years. The conflict happened when Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang, were attending the groundbreaking ceremony for the industrial park. According to the development agreement, thousands of villagers had to move out. The opposition complained that the agreement is turning the port into a “Chinese colony.” However, the government said all impacted villagers will be given new land. China has been investing in Sri Lanka on a large scale since 2009, when the nation’s civil war ended. This recent conflict resulted in 21 injured and 52 arrested. Sri Lanka is strategically located in the so-called “String of Pearls” in South Asia.

Source: BBC Chinese, January 7, 2017

People’s Daily: Bringing Manufacturing Back to U.S.? Dream On.

People’s Daily recently published an analysis article evaluating whether there is a chance that manufacturers in China can be attracted to the United States, which is a critical cornerstone of Trump’s strategy. However, capital always seeks low-cost, high-profit destinations. The most profitable industry for the U.S. is the financial industry instead of manufacturing. The last three projects Trump had before he won the presidency resulted in U.S. manufacturers losing at least US$350 million to low-cost Chinese products. Trump’s campaign T-Shirts were made in China and Honduras. Robots can help, but that won’t add more jobs. The U.S. may be able to improve on the high-end manufacturing as a high-tech power, but that won’t significantly improve employment. The article also identified the lack of blue collar labor resources in the U.S. population as a major problem to re-establish manufacturing on a large scale. Manufactures are more likely to move to India, Vietnam, Myanmar, or Cambodia instead of the U.S. Another immediate obstacle the U.S. will face is that the United States no longer has the full supply chain from the natural resource to supporting parts suppliers. The author concluded that Trump was just bragging – the best case is that he could move manufacturers out of China, but not into the U.S.

Source: People’s Daily, December 31, 2016

Taiwan Military Experts Assessed Mainland Carrier Could Reach 30 Percent of Its Capabilities in Actual Combat

The Taiwanese TV station Sanlih recently reported that the Mainland Navy sent the Liaoning carrier to the South China Sea for exercises and sailed past Taiwan during the New Year’s holiday. The Mainland media emphasized that the J-15 fighter jets were the carrier’s biggest highlight. However, the Taiwanese Air Force also sent F-16 jets to monitor the Liaoning carrier’s performance during the exercises. Taiwanese military experts concluded that the carrier could reach 30 percent of its capabilities in real combat. They gave an example that J-15 jets did not participate in night exercises, which is a critical matter for all-time combat conditions. The carrier’s total number of J-15 jets is also too limited. The Mainland does not have the minimally required 40 pilots. The carrier’s runway is also considered an outdated design and is inefficient. The Taiwanese called the carrier a “paper tiger.”

Source: Sanlih News, January 3, 2017

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