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Beijing Scholar: Asia-Europe Cooperation Should Exclude the United States

On October 2, while Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was attending the Eighth Asia-Europe Summit in Brussels, Yin Jiwu, an associate professor at the International Relations Institute of Beijing Foreign Language University, wrote an article that was published in Global Times, a newspaper under Xinhua, titled “Asia-Europe Cooperation Should Exclude the United States.” 

Yin believed that issues that concerned the Summit provided a clue as to which direction the world would move in the post-U.S. era. Yin said that the current development issues mostly involve how to have sustainable development and how to advance together economically, with human happiness and dignity. In this respect, he continued, the U.S Model of liberal capitalism is already out of date. This is also where Asia and Europe can exclude the United States in their cooperation.

Source: Xinhua, October 2, 2010