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Wen Affirms China’s Support for Pakistan

On May 18, 2011, Xinhua reported that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao assured Yousuf Raza Gilani, the visiting Prime Minister of Pakistan, of China’s support. Wen affirmed that “Pakistan has made huge sacrifices and an important contribution to the international fight against terrorism; that its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity must be respected; and that the international community should understand and support Pakistan’s efforts to maintain domestic stability and to realize economic and social development.” Wen stated that China would like to be an “all-weather strategic partner” and will do its best to help the Pakistani government and people get through their difficulties. 

The English China Daily stated that Pakistan has “faced international pressure in the aftermath of the U.S. killing of Osama bin Laden.” “Following the raid, Islamabad was the focus of criticism in the U.S. for its alleged failure to fight terrorism, prompting some U.S. legislators to call for a reduction in financial assistance.”

Xinhua, May 18, 2011
China Daily, May 19, 2011