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Duowei: Chinese Communist Party’s Grand Goal: Building “a Community of a Shared Future for Mankind”

Duowei, a state sponsored Chinese news media, based overseas, reported that the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is the beginning of a new era. In the 19th Congress report, the Communist Party of China formally introduced the idea of building a “community for the shared future of mankind.” Professor Fang Changping, director of the International Strategy Center of the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said in his interview with Duowei that the report’s most outstanding highlight in the diplomatic section was its innovative ideas. The Communist Party of China is standing at the pinnacle, above humankind, to promote the initiation of such a magnificent goal, that is to promote the development of new international relations — the development of a “community of a shared future for mankind.”

Source: Duowei, October 24, 2017