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China News: Japan is Making Trouble in the East China Sea Again

China News recently reported, based on information from Japan’s Kyodo News, that the chairman of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party East China Sea Development Committee has decided to recommend to the Abe Cabinet that Japan bring the East China Sea oil field conflict with China to The Hague Tribunal. For a long time, Japan has held a grudge against China for its oil and natural gas development in the East China Sea. Now the Japanese just want to try their luck and get a free ride on the recent South China Sea Arbitration case that the Philippines filed. China had a peaceful agreement with Japan to develop the natural resources in the East China Sea jointly. However, Japan destroyed the agreement by provoking the Diaoyu Islands dispute. Japan took the Chinese development on the Chinese side of the East China Sea as a violation of Japan’s rights to the resources. It seems Japan will not learn a lesson from its past failures; China has no choice but to be prepared to defend China’s interests all the way to the end.
Source: China News, July 16, 2016