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2019 Bond Defaults Topped 143.258 billion Yuan

China Finance Online Co., Ltd, which provides web-based financial services in Mainland China and Hong Kong, reported that, In 2019, bond defaults among Chinese companies continued to surge.

JT², an asset management technology platform under JD Digital Technology, conducted intelligent analysis and research of public data and found that, as of December 23, 2019, a total of 177 bonds had defaulted in the bond market in 2019, involving 143.258 billion yuan.

Forty issuers defaulted for the first time on the bond market in 2019. Most of these issuers were private enterprises in a number of different industries and regions.

During the six years from 2014 to the present, be it the first-time defaulting companies, the number of newly added defaulting bonds, or the size of funds as a whole, all have shown an upward trend. Specifically, the number of bond defaults in 2019 increased by more than 6 times compared to 2014; the actual sum of what was in default amounted to more than 10 times the amount from five years ago.

Source: China Finance Online, December 31, 2019