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The New “Hot Topics” on Chinascope

When there is a hot topic in China, such as the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the Internet may be overloaded with information. Moreover, what is supposed to be the “official information” may not be authoritative as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in order to protect its appearance and its own self-interest, may block information or release inaccurate information. What appears as  hearsay on the Internet may contain more facts as individuals, out of a sense of conscience and courage, may reveal the truth in spite of the CCP’s pressure.

For those who face the challenge of identifying reliable or “official” data and information, Chinascope created the “Hot Topics” section to filter through Internet postings, both in Chinese and English, in order to provide our readers with information that is reliable, relevant, and up to date so they can better understand and shape government policies and actions.

As new information keeps flowing in, Chinascope will provide an English summary and then an excerpt in Chinese including key points of information, in addition to our detailed briefings.

The current “Hot Topic” is the Novel Coronavirus.