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Resuming Production: Companies in Shenzhen Fight for Laborers

Jiemian Media reported that, as companies in Shenzhen City are resuming production, many face a hard time finding enough laborers to fill their positions. Foxconn, the major vendor for Apple, has less than half of the workers it needs for its factory; its low production volume led to the delay in introducing the new iPhone. The factories that manufacture BYD cars are short about 2,000 workers. Lenovo’s factory in Shenzhen interviewed 600 people in one day. Foxconn offered 7,000 yuan (US $1,000) as an employee referral bonus.

The pay for temporary workers increased from 16 to 18 yuan per hour and is now 22 yuan. Foxconn pays 30 yuan. A hidden rule was that manufacturers would only hire people from 18 to 40, but now many companies have increased the age limit to 45 or 50.

The main reason is that local government’s strict lockdowns and closures as they try to control the spread of coronavirus has resulted in people being unable to return to Shenzhen.

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Source: Jiemian Media, March 4, 2020