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RFI Chinese: Number of HK Residents Moving to Taiwan Sets New Record

Radio France Internationale (RFI) Chinese Edition recently reported that the Taiwanese authorities announced that, in 2020, around 11,000 Hong Kong residents were granted permission to stay in Taiwan. With the background of the Mainland pushing the new Hong Kong National Security Law, this new number doubled the 2019 total and set a record high. In the meantime, 1,576 Hong Kong residents received Taiwan’s permanent resident status. The previous record was set in 2014, with 7,506 Hong Kong residents allowed to stay in Taiwan. At that time, the “umbrella Movement” was taking place in Hong Kong, which was a massive movement against Mainland communist rule. To support the freedom movements in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese government established a special office to handle immigration requests from Hong Kong. The Office is considering easing the restrictions on work permissions for young Hong Kong college graduates and other Hong Kong residents with special skills. However, the Taiwanese authorities are also on high alert to keep Mainland spies from penetrating Taiwan via the immigration process.

Source: RFI Chinese, February 3, 2021