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Qiushi: Distinguishing Four Major Dichotomies Is the Focal Point of Political Thought Education

Qiushi, a journal of the Chinese Communist Party, published a theoretical article about political thought education. The article stressed that political thought education is a political advantage of the CCP and of socialist countries; it is the major avenue to spread the CCP’s theory and policies, to fortify and expand socialist mainstream ideology, and to provide the spiritual force for economic and social development. In the current profoundly changing international and domestic situation, and with the area of ideology facing complicated situations, it is important to utilize political thought education to help people to “distinguish the four major dichotomies.” The four major dichotomies are: Marxism versus anti-Marxism; a mixed economy that is led by Chinese-style socialist public ownership on the one hand, and an economic order that is dominated by either private capital or total state ownership on the other; democracy under socialism with Chinese characteristics versus Western capitalist democracy; and socialist thought and culture versus feudal and corrupt capitalist ideas and culture.

The editor added a note saying that “distinguishing the four major dichotomies” manifests the fundamental requirement of socialist ideology.

Source: Qiushi Journal, November 9, 2010