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China Reiterated “Real Estate is a Pillar Industry”

Shanghai-based Chinese financial news site East Money recently reported that, at the 2021-2022 China Economics Annual Conference held on December 11, Ning Jizhe, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission and director of the National Bureau of Statistics, once again set the tone and emphasized “real estate is a pillar industry.” The Last time the same policy tone was set was in 2017. Based on the Central Economic Work Conference’s requirement on economic stability in 2022, this new signal is clear: economic stability requires real estate market stability. Analysts also pointed out that, as the pillar industry of the domestic economy, real estate needs to continue playing the role of the economic stabilizer. The reason is that real estate industry accounts for a relatively high proportion of the national economy and there are many related industries. Objectively speaking, real estate must develop stably and healthily. Otherwise it will have a greater impact on the industrial economy, the national economy, and macroeconomics. Usually after such tone-setting, it is expected that a series of local policies supporting real estate will be introduced.

Source: East Money, December 20, 2021