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Duowei News: China’s Retort to NATO’s Call to Condemn Russia: “We Will Never Forget the Embassy Bombing Incident”

Duowei News, a Chinese news media based in North America and a major media portal of China’s “great overseas propaganda” network, reported that, in a press conference on March 15, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed that China has an obligation as a member of the UN Security Council actually to support and to uphold international law and join the rest of the world in condemning Russia’s invasion.
In response, the spokesperson for the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union retorted, “We have taken note of the relevant remarks. The Chinese people can fully relate to the pains and sufferings of other countries because we will never forget who bombed our embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.[ [ ] We need no lecture on justice from the abuser of international law. As a Cold War remnant and the world’s largest military alliance, NATO continues to expand its geographical scope and range of operations. What kind of role has it played in world peace and stability? NATO needs to do some good reflection.”
[ [ ] Referring to the bombing of its embassy in Yugoslavia by Nato forces decades ago

Source: Duowei News, March 17, 2022全球/60282371/北约呼吁中国谴责俄罗斯中方强硬回击永不会忘炸馆事件