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Qiushi: Enhancing Five Senses to Manage the Internet

According to a Qiushi article published on June 30, "The Internet has become the main channel for news, the distribution center for public feelings and opinions, the breeding ground for negative sources and the origination of public events, and the main battlefield for the media struggle." The article suggested that government officials should enhance their senses in five areas so they can better control the Internet.

First, they should enhance their political sense in order to enforce political stability and "positive energy" on the Internet. Second they should enhance their sense of responsibility so that the local propaganda and Internet information agency, which is the primary office in charge of the Internet, can really guard the Internet well. Third, they should enhance their legal sense so they can use legal approaches to manage the Internet and publish more laws and regulations on the Internet industry. Fourth, they should enhance their sense of innovation. This will enable them to use new technology and approaches to manage the internet. Thus they can combine "human censorship," "technical censorship," and "joint censorship (with Internet site owners)" in order to find [the relevant] issues on the Internet quickly and thoroughly. Finally, they should enhance their sense of the battlefield so they can build up an Internet force to maintain full control over the battlefront [of the Internet].

Source: Qiushi, June 30, 2014