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CCP Begins Brainwashing Hong Kong Students

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a history of effectively indoctrinating people, starting from kindergarten. This practice is now extending to Hong Kong’s students.

In June of this year, all freshman-year students of Hong Kong’s Pui Kiu Middle School wrote a letter to Xi Jinping. In his response, Xi encouraged these students “to gain a deeper understanding of global developments and to explore the history, culture, and realities of our country.” The Hong Kong education sector took this letter as a “sacred message” and reacted by implementing various “learning sessions.”

Reports have emerged suggesting that the Hong Kong government is considering a mandate that would require all Hong Kong primary and secondary school students to visit “holy” sites of the communist revolution in China so as to instill “the communist spirit” in the youth.

Hong Kong’s students were at the forefront of resistance against the CCP during the 2019-2020 anti-extradition protests. The CCP is now actively working to mold Hongkongese youth into conforming supporters of the regime.

Source: Newtalk, September 18, 2023