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State Internet Information Office Reprimanded Global Times

Right before Taiwan’s newly elected President Tsai Ing-wen’s was sworn in on May 20, Global Times (also known as Huanqiu) published a survey on its website. The results showed that 85 percent of the Chinese people supported China in uniting with Taiwan by force. Many media around the world picked it up.

According to a notice that the State Internet Information Office (SIIO) circulated, the SIIO talked to the management of the Global Times newspaper and website on May 9. It criticized the Global Times’ website for publishing this article at such a critical time, causing strong antipathy from the people in Taiwan and widespread attention from the media around the world. "Global Times has repeatedly ‘stirred up issues involving sensitive events,’ ‘disturbed the Internet order,’ and severely violated reporting discipline. It is likely to create adverse effects and cause adverse political consequences."

SIIO ordered Global Times to spend a month to fix itself by improving its "political awareness and its overall awareness."

Global Times has long been known for publishing hawkish and anti-America messages, which are out of sync with Xi Jinping’s agenda.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 12, 2016