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What Does Obama’s Meeting with Dalai Tell Us?

Xinhua republished a commentary from Tibet-online on the Obama meeting with the Dalai Lama. The article claims that Obama’s actions “hurt others without any benefit to himself.” The article said, “Since Obama took office, he has been oscillating without determination on the strategy and attitude of how to ‘contain’ China. In the beginning, he wished to use the flexible ‘smart power’ strategy to seek ‘change by contact,’ and actively looked for China’s unconditional cooperation in international affairs, regional conflicts, and environmental protection. China’s refusal exposed the Obama administration’s true face of inheriting the American style of hegemonic thinking. He then started to implement the strategy of forcefully pressuring China from all directions so as to contain China’s development. He used the ‘suppressing China card’ to obtain a politically active status and votes.”

“Ignoring the feelings of 1.3 billion Chinese, … Obama not only severely damaged the Chinese people’s sentiments and improvements to the Sino-U.S. relationship; he also let the Chinese once again witness America’s ‘ruthless’ and hegemonic thinking of using the excuse of the ‘Tibetan issue’ to interfere in China’s internal affairs  He once again destroyed many people’s political illusion about the U.S.”

Source: Xinhua, July 20, 2011