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People’s Daily: Ministry of Commerce Ruled against EU and U.S. Exporters

People’s Daily recently reported that the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the results of an anti-dumping investigation it had conducted. The Ministry of Commerce announced that the sale of tetrachloroethene exported to China and originally produced in the European Union and the United States is considered illegal dumping. The ruling was considered final. China’s domestic vendors suffered substantial damage as a result of the dumping. The EU and the U.S. companies named in the Ministry’s ruling will be charged anti-dumping duties based on the scale of their dumping activities. According to the announcement, the case was established on May 31, 2013. And it took a year to reach its conclusion. Tetrachloroethene is a colorless chlorocarbon liquid widely used for dry cleaning of fabrics.
Source: People’s Daily, June 30, 2014