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Study: Over 80 Percent of Underground Water Unfit to Drink

According to statistics that the China’s Ministry of Water Resources released, over 80 percent of the water from underground wells is unfit to drink. In 2015, the study tested 2,103 wells in the populous plains of China where the underground water resources are well developed, yet heavily polluted. Tests were conducted in shallow underground waters which are susceptible to soil or surface water contamination. The study of the Ministry of Water Resources concluded, “The evaluation showed the overall poor quality of these water resources.”  

It showed that 32.9 percent of the wells tested had Grade 4 quality water (fit for industrial use but not fit for human consumption), while another 47 percent was Grade 5 quality water (worse than Grade 4), for a total of over 80 percent that was unfit for human consumption. The pollution came from manganese, iron, fluoride and triazoles. Some areas suffered from pollution caused by heavy metals and toxic organic materials. The study attributed the pollution to industry and to agricultural development. 

Source: Ministry of Water Resources, April 5, 2016