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AmCham China Released 2016 Business Climate Survey

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in China recently released its official annual report of its survey results on the Chinese business climate. The report showed that most of the American companies in China felt their popularity had declined. Only 64 percent of the surveyed member companies reported a profit in 2015, which is the lowest point in five years. Nearly half of the industrial and resource oriented companies reported a decline in profits. Many member companies complained that the regulatory environment remained a challenge. The same laws and rules have been applied differently from time to time and from region to region. Transparency, predictability, and the fairness of the regulations are issues that the companies surveyed value very highly. On the positive side, corruption is no longer among the top five biggest challenges of doing business in China. Around a quarter of the companies admitted that they moved some of their manufacturing capacity out of China. 
Source: AmCham China Official Website, January 20, 2016