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State TV Shows Chinese Military Engaged in Cyber Attacks

A military TV program on CNTV, an online TV station launched by China Central TV (CCTV), broadcasted a 22 minute documentary program titled “The Cyber Storm Has Arrived!” The program featured Col. Du Wenlong, a military expert from China’s top military research institute who analyzed the U.S. cyber war strategy and then discussed how China is preparing for a cyber war. In the program, Du stated that the U.S. was the first to propose the “cyber war” concept and was also the first who applied it in actual war.

The program repeatedly highlighted the U.S. Defense Department’s cyber war strategy, “If other countries intentionally break into a computer system of the United States, that constitutes an act of war; (the U.S.) will counterattack with missiles.” In China’s preparation for conducting a cyber war, Du stressed that China must establish the concept of “Internet border” and the concept of “mobilizing all the people.” The program then showed some shots of a computer screen in which a Chinese military university engaged in cyber-warfare against specific entities in the United States. During the TV program, the screenshots showed the name of the software and the Chinese military university that built it, the Electrical Engineering University of China’s People’s Liberation Army.

The CNTV link is no longer working. However, the program can be viewed through youtube.

Source: CNTV, July 17, 2011