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Nankang Protest Stopped New Tax Law

On June 15, more than 10,000 people gathered in front of City Hall of Nankang, Jiangxi Province to protest the new law increasing the tax burden on furniture sales, which is the city’s main industry. Right after the protest, under the Party Secretary of Jiangxi Proinvce’s direction, the Nankang city government issued orders to terminate all measures related to the tax law immediately. He announced the decision through radio, television, text message, and the Internet.

Epoch Times pointed out that it is very rare to see the government give in to public opinion so quickly, indicating that the government fears that hte local group event will trigger nationwide turmoil. Nevertheless, on June 22, Jiangxi-China, under the Propaganda Department, Jiangxi Province Party Committee, published an article stating that “it is the people’s voice” to “go after the organizers and planners of the event.”

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