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Former Party Officials Urge Public Disclosure of Personal Assets

Li Weidong, former President of China Reform Magazine. announced on his miniblog (weibo) that three former senior Party officials had requested that he publish a letter they wrote in February to the Communist Party leaders. In the letter, the three officials stated that all candidates for the Party’s Eighteenth Congress and its committees should and must disclose their personal assets. “Those who dare not disclose their assets and the assets of their families should absolutely not be nominated. We sincerely hope that our Party does not try to dodge this very modest request. If a leader cannot even agree to this request, he should be sent home to sell sweet potatoes. …”

The letter concluded that if the Party leaders continue to hold that time is not ripe for public disclosure of their assets, the leaders would not be able to face and explain (their situation) to the Party members. The three former senior officials had served on the Party’s United Front Work Department and Organization Department. Their letter to the Party leaders was sent in February 2012. As they received no response whatsoever, the three requested Li Weidong to release their letter on his weibo site.

Source: Li Weidong 李伟东, May 16, 2012