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Xinhua: Guangzhou Refused to Release Details on Rice with Excess Cadmium

Xinhua recently reported that the Food and Drug Administrative Bureau of the City of Guangzhou refused to release information on the newly discovered rice products that have excess Cadmium pollution (two times higher than the maximum level allowed by the National Standard), as well as Aflatoxin B1 and Staphylococcus Aureus. Although the Bureau announced that it had found the pollutants it did not follow the process of releasing the brand names of the products and the names of the manufacturers, as required by law. The Bureau also did not describe the level of damage that it found the pollutants to have caused. The report questioned the motivation behind hiding these “secrets.” After heavy pressure from the media, the Bureau later released the names of the products and the manufacturers. However, it did not included any details as to whom the products were sold. Excessive Cadmium can cause serious damage to the kidneys and can remain in the human body for fifteen to twenty years. 
Source: Xinhua, May 20, 2013