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Tightened Security Is Expected at the Upcoming College Entrance Exam

China Youth Daily carried an article on the National College Entrance exam which will take place from June 7 to 10. Millions of students from around the country will participate. According to the article, starting this year, a number of provinces, including Hubei, Ganshu, Anhui, and Beijing, have decided to use the public security force to ensure security on fire safety, transportation, and medical needs as well as on cheating activities during the exam. In Beijing, a minimum of eight policemen are needed at each exam site. For the first time in history a special police unit will be responsible for transporting the exam papers to each location. Reports indicate that, in Beijing, the police department has been involved in cracking down on the sale of cheating equipment and on cheating activities that were organized prior to the exam. Meanwhile over one hundred medical emergency vehicles and over 300 medical personnel will be on call for medical emergencies.

Source: China Youth Daily, June 6, 2016