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Xinhua Suggests Mandiant’s Cyberattacks Report Is Marketing Hype

On February 20, 2013, Xinhua published a commentary in response to the report, released by Virginia-based information Security Company Mandiant Corporation, on the Chinese military’s involvement in a series of cyber attacks on U.S. and foreign corporations and entities. The Xinhua commentary speculated that the purpose of Mandiant Corporation’s report was marketing hype: “Hurry up to buy our company’s security software and services; the more the better.”

Xinhua denied that there was any relationships between the Chinese military (People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 based in a Shanghai tower) and the cyber attacks on American companies. The commentary asserted that few professional hackers openly use their own IP address to attack others. Further, Xinhua criticized the U.S. military for its previous cyber attack on Iran.

Source: Xinhua, February, 20, 2013