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What Is CIA Director Brennan Up to in His Visit to Kiev?

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po published a commentary on May 15 stating that the United States is second to none in inciting color revolutions. The article said, “During the Cold War, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wantonly infiltrated non-Western countries to conduct subversive activities. Now CIA director Brennan is said to have had a private visit to Kiev. The West criticizes Russia for provoking a new Cold War, while, at the same time, it allows its ‘Cold War weapon,’ the CIA, to intervene in Ukraine. What the West is really trying to do is self evident.” 

The article then stated, “After the Cold War, the United States continued to guard against Russia, trying to win over the former Soviet countries to compress Russia’s living space." “In Ukraine’s 2004 ‘Orange Revolution,’ the United States fully supported the opposition, Viktor Yushchenko. The United States even provided its supporters’ food and tents during the sit-ins."

“In the development of Ukraine’s crisis over the past few months, the shadow of the ‘Orange Revolution’ is getting more and more apparent. After former President Viktor Yanukovych was forced to leave because of a coup, the Kiev authorities, with the backing of the West, immediately tried to abolish the status of the Russian language and started a series of provocative actions that incited the Russian-speaking population’s resentment.” 

The article said in its concluding paragraph, “From the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Nuland’s arrogant comment on the Ukrainian Cabinet candidates, to Brennan’s private trip to Kiev, and then to Vice President Joe Biden’s plan to visit Kiev at a sensitive time on the eve of the Ukraine presidential election, the United States’ invisible devil claws are gradually approaching its next prey.” 

Source: Xinhua, April 16, 2014