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KBTX: One-on-one with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: COVID, China sanctions, TikTok security concerns and the RECLAIM Act (4 Videos)

Gatestone: Gordon Chang: China Seeds: A Biological Attack on America?

AEI: Derek Scissors: Chinese investments in the US

AEI: Michael Mazza: Congressional initiatives shifting US towards strategic clarity

The Hill: Gary Schmitt: Pompeo’s China speech at odds with Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy

CSIS: Countering China’s Influence Activities Lessons from Australia

FP: When It Comes to China, Americans Think Like Trump

National Review: Dmitri Solzhenitsyn: In Pushing Back against China, U.S. Finds Few Allies

Axios: FBI director Wray warns of China election interference

Axios: American coaches warn of player abuse in NBA academies in China

NBC: Hong Kong issues arrest warrant for U.S. citizen under new national security law

NPR: Hong Kong Delays Elections For A Year, Citing Coronavirus Pandemic

Bitter Winter: Morally Ensnared in Xinjiang: A Young Researcher Reflects on Genocides

Daiy Signal: China’s Repression of Religion Gets Worse

PBS: How DOJ uses legal action to target China over alleged espionage

Daily Mail: China’s 300-mile fishing fleet which is visible from SPACE and hoovers up all sea life is decimating endangered species – and plastic waste thrown overboard is polluting the shores of Darwin’s Galapagos Islands, scientists warn

Media on China

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