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Study Times: The BRICs’ Impact on the World

Study Times published an article entitled “How to See the BRICs Leaders’ First Official Summit” regarding the BRICs first official summit in Yekaterinburg, Russia on July 16. The article stated that the "Four (BRICs) countries’ economic development models were unique. There was tremendous potential in the economic and trade cooperation (between them)." The article stated that the “BRICs” summit among China, India, Pakistan and Russia was a practical action for the four countries to seek a breakthrough in the direction according to the current international market pattern. The four countries’ cooperation would help the whole world get rid of the international market, which was controlled firmly by the United states and other Western developed countries and get out of the “US Dollar Hegemony Era,” whose representative was the United States. 

Source: Study Times, June 22, 2009