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CASS scholar: US is On Guard against the Emergence of China’s Soft Power

“The US is uneasy about the emergence of China’s soft power and will take measures to make up its own losses.” Fan Jishe told Global Times (Huan Qiu Shi Bao) referring to a report published by Congressional Research Studies (CRS) titled “Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World.” Fan said: “The US is concerned that China may compete with the US in its appeal to other countries.”

In referring to an earlier report, written by CRS under the request of Congressman Biden titled “China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa”, Fan said that the first report was focused on the definition of China’s soft power and its impact to the US-China relationship. The second one was to compare the soft power between China and US and U.S. foreign policy options in light of China’s emergence.

Fan is a researcher from Department of American Diplomacy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Global Times, September 8, 2008
Comparing Global Influence: China’s and U.S. Diplomacy, Foreign Aid, Trade, and Investment in the Developing World, August 15, 2008
China’s Foreign Policy and ‘Soft Power’ in South America, Asia, and Africa

China’s Military General: No Country is Ready to Fight Against China

An article circulating on the Internet, has quoted claims made by Peng Guangqian, Military General of the Chinese Academy of Military Science: there are few countries that are able to fight a war against China; no country is ready to do that. Peng said that China’s military defense power has made major progress in the past decades. “Even if there are few countries that are able to fight against us, little is assured that those countries will survive even when they defeat China.”

Peng also pointed out that China’s military strategy is gradually shifting its focus from protecting the nation’s interest to surviving during a war. He said the adjustment is moving towards protecting the interest in the development of the country.

Source: Qiang Guo Forum, People’s Daily, September, 3, 2008

Li Peng, the Former Prime Minister, is Seriously Ill

Li Peng, the former prime minister, was not present at the funeral service held for Hua Guofeng two days ago. Unverified sources disclosed that Li has been seriously ill after he suffered a stroke earlier this year. It was said that the Propaganda Department has started to draft Li’s death annoucement and was carefully picking out the words for fear of heightened response with the 20th anniversary of the June 4th student movement in 2009.

Source: Boxun, September 1,2008

Mayor of London Criticized for Lack of Manners in Olympic Closing Ceremony

An internet posting on “sports 366”, a popular sports forum site, criticized Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, for his rude behavior and lack of manners during the Olympic closing ceremony. The posting accused him of wearing an unbuttoned jacket, showing sloppy body language with his right hand in his pocket when coming to the podium, handing over the Olympic flag with one hand, and having an arrogant attitude in terms of not shaking hands leaders from Beijing on the stage and shaking hands late with Beijing’s mayor.

Source: Sports366, August 25, 2008

Rizhao Harbor to Invest Ten Billion Yuan in Expansion

Rizhao Harbor located in Shandong Province will invest 10.2 billion yuan to expand into an advanced large scale deep-water harbor with 200 million tons in traffic and handling capacity by 2010. Rizhao had reached a 100 million ton handling capacity as of August 24, a 16.8 percent growth from the previous year.

Rizhao holds a strategic geographic position in the nation’s economy and transportation network. It is the largest ore importing harbor, 4th largest coal exporting harbor, and the largest in-transit harbor for concrete, grain, wood, and nickel ore.

Source: Xinhua, August 26

Events and Media Reports on Sichuan Earthquake 100th Day Anniversary

On the 100th day since the Sichuan earthquake, tens and thousands parents who lost their children in the earthquake held memorial ceremonies in various locations, according to a news report by The Epoch Times. The ceremony in Beichuan was held with armed policemen were at the scene. In Mianyang, the police used force to intervene in a memorial ceremony held in front of a China Bank. Some parents told The Epoch Times that the government sent a large number of policemen to patrol major road entrances. Some parents complained that their phones are tapped and they have no place to appeal about unfair compensation. The residents were warned: “We will deal with your issues as an internal matter. Do not disclose any negative news to the foreign medis.”

On August 20, the Guangming Daily published commentaries praising the leadership of the Party in its handling of the restoration of  damages from the earthquake. The titles of the commentaries included: “Monumental achievement in fighting against the natural disaster” and “Eyewitness on the 100th day of the Sichuan Earthquake: Glorious Party; Superior Policy; strong-minded People”.

The Epoch Times, August 19, 2008
Guangming Daily, August 20, 2008

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