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Chinese Astronauts Benefit from Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment

Li Yongzhi, chief physician for Chinese Astronauts credited Chinese medical treatment for the good health conditions displayed by Chinese astronauts. Research study collaboration between the University of Louvain in Belgium and the China Astronaut Research and Training Center suggested that Chinese astronauts showed better health conditions compared with astronauts from Russia and Europe, especially in their cardiological system. “Their heart condition has hardly changed after they came back to the earth”, Li said, “The secret is that our astronauts have been taking a type of Chinese medicine which prevents heart attacks in zero gravity environments”. In addition to Chinese preventive medicines, the China Astronaut Research and Training Center also applied Chinese massage and acupuncture treatment to the astronauts.

Source: South Chinese Morning Post, September 23, 2008

Villagers Beaten and Arrested During Land Seizure Fight

On September 22, a few hundred officers dispatched by City of Guilin (Guangxi Province) Police Department and City Management Administration together with jobless residents hired by the Guilin City Zhang Tai Land Development Corporation went into Chuan Shan Village in Qi Xing District and used force to build a fence so they could seize a piece land. The entire village fought back. According to the villagers, their land was sold to Zhang Tai without their knowledge and their dispute for compensation has not been settled. Dozens of villagers were injured during the fight and two villagers were hospitalized.

On September 23 and 24, police officers blocked the entrance to the village and started to arrest villagers. One villager who fled to another village disclosed that over a dozen villagers have been arrested so far. Only those who signed the agreement to accept land compensation from the city can be released.

The article also shows photos of injured villagers and a video of the events.

Source: Boxun, September 27, 2008

China’s Rebuttal to US 2008 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said that China was strongly disappointed and was against the “2008 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom” published by US State Department on Friday September 19.  She said the report gave groundless criticism to China’s policy on religion and ethnic groups, which is against basic guidelines in handling international relationships. It has also interfered in China’s domestic affairs. “We strongly ask the US to correct its actions of criticizing religious affairs in other countries at its own will and stop publishing the report. "

Source: Xinhua, September 23, 2008

Vice Premier’s Political Guidance to China’s Internet Society

In his greeting letter to the annual conference of Internet Society of China, Zhang Dejiang, the Vice-premier, gave party’s political guidance to the members of the Internet Society. He hope that the internet industry shall “hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics; Strengthening the ideological and moral construction under the guidance of theories by Den Xiaoping and the ‘three representatives’”.

Source: Xinhua, September 23, 2008

Residential Home Purchases in Big Cities Will Hit New Low

The survey taken by the Bank of China suggested that only 13.3 percent of the residents living in the big cities intend to purchase residential homes in the next three months, the lowest since 1999.  The number is down 1.8 points from last quarter and 2.8 points from the year before. The survey also showed that deposit in a bank savings account has become the top selection for surveyed residents in terms of the financial investment in light of the recent stock market crash. The survey indicates 42.8 percent predict that the consumer price will continue to increase.

Source: Xinhua, September 23

Beijing Real Estate Market Remains Slow

Beijing’s real estate sales have significantly dropped as housing price continues to soar. Statistics show that sales were down 54 percent in August despite various promotional plans introduced by developers. Buyers are holding off the buying decision hoping prices will drop. Some experts predict that October will bring the volume of sales back up if there is a lucrative discount offered.

Source: China News, September 18, 2008

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