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Xinhua Praised the Party Members’ Ability to Face the Challenge of the Xinjiang Riot

Xinhua praised the party members and leaders’ for their ability to deal the Xinjiang riot and called them a critical force in ensuring social stability. It also warned them that “as the situation in Xinjiang improves, domestic and foreign enemies will not give up, so maintaining stability in Xinjiang remains a most important task and a test for all the party members.”

Source: Xinhua, July 12, 2009

CCP Expands Party Membership to Private Businesses

Zhong Pingyao, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued requirements to the CCP party organizations at various levels of commercial businesses administration and private businesses association that they need to promote the CCP party work and expand party membership to private companies. The Party organization should be established in large private enterprises. For small companies, they should be pooled and served by the party organization established at the business owner’s association level or village/town level.

The statistics from the China Individual Laborers’ Association suggested that by the end of last year, there were 92,308 party branches established among private business owners’ associations, a 10.56 percent increase from the year before. Total party members at these party branches reached 1.96 million, out of which 329,500 are enterprise owners, 542,200 are small business owners and 1.088 millions are workers.

Source: Xinhua, July 2, 2009

China Battles Extreme Weather Conditions

Xinhua published a series of front page articles calling on all levels of regions and government bodies to be on guard against the extreme weather condition. In recent months, China has been hit by stormy and rainy weather in the south and extreme heat in the north. China Daily reported that as of July 5, 75 people had died, 13 were missing, and 39 million people were affected by the flooding in the south.

On Monday July 6, the China Ministry of Finance announced a 170 million yuan emergency fund for the southern regions, including 13 provinces that had suffered from the flood. The article calls on the regions to take the responsibility and cooperate with each other to ensure “winning the battle against the flood.”

[1] China Daily, July 6, 2009
[2] Xinhua, July 8, 2009

Central Propaganda Department Censors Key Words in Internet Searches on Urumqi City Riot

On July 6, the Central Propaganda Department issued an emergency order to all major Internet sites to list "Urumqi City Riot" and its related words as sensitive information which must be filtered when conducting keyword searches online.

Fearing the further development of the Urumqi City Riot, the Central Propaganda Department specifically required all media agencies to follow and be consistent with the reporting done by Xinhua and People’s Daily. "The content should focus on the "crimes committed by East Turkistan so the Chinese people can know its true nature." the order stated.

Source: Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2009

Large Export Revenue Loss in 2008 Due to Failure to Comply with International Product Standards

The biggest challenge that Chinese export businesses face next to currency is compliance with the “technical barriers to trade,” the international product standards issued by the WTO. According to the National Bureau of Quality Inspection, 36.1 percent of export businesses failed to comply with the WTO’s “Technical Barriers to Trade.” In 2008, they suffered financial losses of US$50.5 billion.

Research data suggests that the top five countries or regions that affect China’s export businesses are the EU, U.S., Japan, Russia and Latin American countries. The top five businesses that suffered the most are electric parameters, agricultural production, textiles/garments/shoes/hats, and wood/paper/non-metasl and chemicals/minerals/metals. 

Source: Xinhua, June 25, 2009

400 Secretaries of the Discipline Inspection Commission are Called to Attend Centralized Training

According to Public Security Bureau, for the first time in history, 400 Secretaries of the Discipline Inspection Commission from the district Public Security Bureaus will take the centralized training class at the People’s Public Security University in Beijing.

Source: China Huanqui June 28, 2009

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