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Maintaining Social Stability is a Tough Challenge for the Government

According to Zhou Yongkang, a member of the Central Political Bureau Standing Committee, and Secretary of the Central Political and Legal Commission, China is facing an arduous task in maintaining social harmony and stability. Zhou admitted that increasing internal conflicts, a high crime rate, as well as “complex struggles against our enemies,” still exist.

Zhou was speaking at the “National Recognition of the Comprehensive Management of Social Order and the General Assembly.” The full text of speech can be found in Qiu Shi magazine.

[1] China News, June 16, 2009
[2] Qiushi Journal, June 16, 2009

China Launches Training Sessions for Prison and Labor Camp Wardens

Following the training session held for the chiefs of local public security bureaus, Beijing recently called for a similar training session for the wardens of prisons and labor camps as well as the party chiefs of the selected law firms.

The training session will be held at the Central Institute of Correctional Police in Baoding, Hebei Province. It will be divided into 8 sessions and will last for 65 days. According to Wu Aiying, Minister of Justice, the training will “target how to improve prison management skills as well as prevent corruption and increase the effectiveness of investigations of illegal cases.”

Source: Xinhua, June 4, 2009

China Held National Anti-Terrorism Exercises

In the run-up to its 60th anniversary celebration on October 1, China been holding national anti-terrorism exercises, “Great Wall 6,” in the regions surrounding Beijing, to test their ability to face terrorist attacks. The first one was held in Huhehaote, Inner Mogolia Autonomous Region on the afternoon of June 9.

The areas the exercise tested include the effectiveness of handling “nuclear bomb” attacks as well as multiple sites and chemical factory attacks. Shanxi and Hebei Provinces were picked as the next sites and the exercises are said to have ended in mid-June.

[Editor’s note]: A search through Google suggested that this news posting carried by the official news sources including Xinhua, Sohu, China News, People’s Daily were deleted after they were posted. However, as of June 14, 11:30 EST, a few city level websites, such as the Tengzhou City webpage still carried this posting.

Source: The Tengzhou City Website, June 12, 2009

Server Administrators Ordered to Turn in Server Password

Boxun received a news tip from its unidentified Chinese sources that China has ordered server administration companies to turn in the server login and password information so that a “computer specialist can login in to clean up the server.” Violators could face a fine as penalty as per the 5th clause of Article 21 within Order 33 issued by the Ministry of Public Security, which says that the police can impose a fine of not more than 5000 RMB against the responsible personnel and a fine of not more than 15,000 RMB against the company, close the network and equipment for up to six months, or if necessary, suggest to have the business license of the organization canceled and its network registration canceled, if “(the server host does) not inspect the content of information released on behalf of someone else or not register the unit or individual on whose behalf the information was released.” 

[1] Boxun, June 12, 2009
[2] Ministry of Public Security, China, December 30, 1997

Chinese Academy of Sciences Releases Technological Roadmap for Next 50 Years

On June 10, the Chinese Academy of Sciences released a strategic research report entitled “Innovation 2050: Scientific Revolution and Future of China.” A technological roadmap for the next 50 years, the report covers 18 key areas including energy, population health, space, the ocean, information, national, and public security.

Over 300 experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences spent more than a year to develop the report, which clearly defines the focal point for future technology development and lists 22 strategic technology issues which will affect the modernization of China. The roadmap is divided into three phases which will be revised every five years.

Source: Xinhua, June 10, 2009

Applications for College Entrance Exam Down

Other than Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Chong Qing, most provinces will see a decrease in college entrance examination applications this year. The main reason is the tough job market college graduates face.

Some high school graduates apply for vocational schools to learn a trade. And more and more of them are applying to colleges overseas.  For example, there are 3000 high school students who take the SAT test each year to apply to colleges in the US.

Source: Huan Qiu, May 28, 2009

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