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More Chinese Made Melamine Contaminated Food Found in Japan

Japan reported two more types of China made food products containing Melamine.  It reported on October 8 that they have found Melamine in the frozen Takoyaki or Frozen Poulp Squid imported from Long Wei Seafood Company in Fuqing of Fujian Province. Skim milk power was used as the raw material which contained up to 1.1 ppm of Melamine.

In addition to tainted Takoyaki and tainted dumplings which caused over 170 people ill in February of this year in Japan, on October 2, Japan also reported Melamine found in Egg Custard Tart imported from China which contains 1.4 ppm of Melamine.

The Epoch Times, October 8, 2008
Now News, October 2, 2008

Home Electric Appliances Industry Facing Critical Challenges

China’s home electric appliances industry is facing critical challenges as it sees large drop in production, sales, and export volume, Xinhua quoted Huo Dufang, President of China Household Electrical Appliances Association. “Some electric appliances such as Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, and Microwave had negative growth in the last two to three months” Huo said.

Due to the negative impact by world’s economy and currency factor, for the month of July, refrigerator production was 4.36 million units, down 14.3 percent from prior year; Freezer was 880,000 units and down 12.8 percent; Microwave down 6.55 percent. Total industry output was 408.3 billion yuan in the first seven months, down 10 points in growth rate compared with last year. Industry’s export volume was also hit hard by appreciation in yuan and weakened US dollars. A number of products including electric fan, electric heater, and microwave had negative growth of 21 percent, 11.9 percent, 2.1 percent in export volume respectively.

Source: Xinhua, October 7, 2008

Internet Users Question the Authenticity of the Chinese Astronauts’ Spacewalk Videos by

A number of articles have circulated widely on overseas Chinese websites questioning the authenticity of the space walk the Chinese astronauts on the Shen Qi spaceship conducted. The articles listed a number of doubts based on official state medias published videos and concluded that the spacewalk was not the live footage of the spacewalk, but rather recordings from the rehearsal at the Astronaut Research and Training Center.

Source: The Epoch Times, October 3, 2008

Chinese Communist Party Launched New Campaign to Cope with Challenges

In the later part of September, Chinese Communist Party formerly launched a campaign called “Thoroughly Applying the Scientific Outlook on Development”, a theoretical development by the party in view of “China’s present preliminary stage of socialism to cope with many immediate challenges and woes for sustainable progress”. Top provincial leaders gathered at the Central Party School in Beijng for days to sit in seminars in order to bring the key messages back to their region and cascade it down its members. Hu Jintao spoke at the session citing the recent tainted food incidents and concluded that “the tasks to reform and manage the party have been complex more than ever”. Xinhua also setup a special webpage to echo this campaign.

The campaign was initiated in last October. Government agencies including financial institution and schools were selected as the trial sites in February of 2008. The campaign was said to last for a year and half.

Xinhua, September 22, 2008

Mainland Rights Website Shutdown Again

A prominent Chinese Human Rights website “Wei Quan China”,, was shut down again on October 3 since it was last resumed service on September 12. In its open letter published through Boxun, WeiChuan China said that their website has been shutdown minimum eight times in the past six months due to “sensitive information” including three times during the Beijing Olympic. The letter said that the website is civil based. Its contents mostly contain the facts about the dark side of the society. The letter questioned the Chinese authority: “Does the Chinese government allow websites managed by civilians? If our website has ‘sensitive information’, why don’t you inform us first so we can take necessary measures? Please do not violently shutdown our website. Our website will continue to operate as long as the government does not label us as illegal website’.

Source: Boxun, October 3, 2008

Li Peng Made First Public Appearance After Missing For One Year

Former Prime Minister Li Peng made his first public appearance on September 25 and 26 since his last appearance in October 2007. Li was riding in a China made high speed train from Beijing to Tianjin. Li was said to be healthy and energetic. There have been rumors and speculations about Li’s health condition. Li’s last public appearance was at the opening ceremony of Chinese Communist Party’s 17th Congress in October 2007. He has been missing from political events this year including the Political Consultative Conference, 11th National People’s Conference, opening ceremony of the Olympic game as well as memorial service for Hua Guofeng, the Former President of China.

Chinese News, September 28,2008
The Epoch Times, September 29,2008

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