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China’s Official Media Blasted for Expressing Sympathy for Guilty Hong Kong Police Officers

Seven police officers who physically assaulted participants in the Hong Kong Occupy Central movement were charged with physical assault and sentenced to two years in prison.  When China’s official media expressed sympathy for the jailed officers, Internet comments responded directly, “Don’t people know that Hong Kong is still a democratic and free society that is not under communist rule? You are using a brain that has been brainwashed. How can you understand (what the truth is)?” Continue reading

First TV Appearance of the Members of National Security Committee since It Was Formed Three Years Ago

According to Duowei News, on February 17, CCTV aired five minutes of news coverage of the National Security Committee forum that Xi Jinping hosted. According to Xinhua, Xi gave directives on the requirements of national security and its work in areas such as politics, the economy, homeland security, social issues, and the Internet.

According to Duowei, CCTV’s news coverage showed the the Committee’s first TV appearance since it was formed in 2013. The last news report on the committee was on April 15, 2014, three months after it was formed. CCTV’s coverage of the first meeting was only limited to text script with no video image.

Duowei quoted a comment from WeChat which stated that, due to the sensitive nature of the National Security Committee, it rarely publish any information but the related work has been carried out efficiently behind the scenes while the news coverage of the forum showed the importance of national security work in its related areas.

According to Duowei, the members of the National Security Committee consist of 12 members from the Central Politburo as well as eight senior members of the Central Military Commission.

Source: Duowei News, February 17, 2017

China Steel Production Capacity Had Net Increase of 36.5 Million Tons in 2016

According to a report that Radio France Internationale published, Greenpeace East Asia and Custeel (a website that the China Iron and Steel Association, which 16 large-sized steel manufacturers and enterprises in China fund) conducted an investigation of China’s steel production. The findings showed that, despite the serious steel surplus that China faces, its 2016 steel production capacity actually increased by 36.5 million tons. The investigation report disclosed that even though China claimed that, in 2016, it shut down steel factories having 85 million tons of steel capacity, the number should only have been 23 million tons because the rest of the factories that were shut down had been idle, with no production capability. Meanwhile, according to the report, new projects launched in 2016 added 12 million tons of production capacity with most of it located in Hubei Province.

The report stated that China Steel production accounts for 50 percent of the production volume in the world. Competitors criticized (China’s steel industry) for using the destructive competition approach and selling below cost. As a result, in 2016, they faced anti-dumping treatment from the EU and the U.S. The Chinese authorities promised that, by 2020, China would reduce steel production by 100-150 million tons. In 2016, China’s steel production was around 1.1 trillion tons, which means it is sitting on 300 million tons of excess steel.

Source: Radio France Internationale, February 13, 2017                                                                          

Duowei News: Party’s Central Administration Says Members Should Restore Their Faith in Party Ideology

Duowei News published an article on the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, which recently concluded. It stated that the main topic during the session was the strict discipline of Party members, meaning that the Party is determined to control the special rights of Party officials and their extravagant life styles. It also reported an underlying message that, as part of the strict discipline, Party members, especially those at the level of the Political Bureau, should restore their faith in Party ideology as well as show absolute loyalty and allegiance to the Party. The article also indicated that the following could be included: that Party members shouldn’t question the central administration’s policy, copy the constitutionalism of the West, or form individual factions.

Source: Duowei News, October 29, 2016

China to Showcase its Domestically Made Rainbow Unmanned Aircraft at the Aviation & Aerospace Exhibit

According to an article that Duowei News published, the 11th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibit will be held in Zhu Hai City from November 1 through 6. The domestically made “Rainbow Series” unmanned aircraft will be on exhibit. It will include the Rainbow 3, Rainbow 4, and Rainbow 5, which are unmanned solar powered aircraft and have a ground effect in aircraft, as well as the Rainbow 805 high speed invisible drone aircraft. The article reported that the Rainbow 5 has a technical capability that is superior to the Predator B unmanned aircraft of the United States. The article also stated that the future development of the domestically made unmanned aircraft is to have the capability of being carrier based.

Source: Duowei News, October 27, 2016

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