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RFA: Beijing Legal Evening News Went Through Internal Personnel Shakeup

Radio Free Asia reported that, after its new publisher took office in January, Beijing Legal Evening News went through an internal personnel shakeup. It closed its “In Depth News” division which resulted in losing four of its reporters. According to an anonymous source, over 40 news editors and reporters resigned to protest the internal personnel cleanup. It drove the internal workforce to shrink drastically and its original news coverage decreased as well. The new Publisher only has an accounting background in his previous role with Beijing Youth Daily and has no experience in running a news media. According to the article, in the past few years and before the loss of personnel, Beijing Legal Evening News had published a number of in depth coverage articles that gained widespread public attention. Some reporters complained that the loss of personnel would result in the loss of a large number of its readers.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 29, 2018

Duowei News: How Should China React to the Trump Administration’s Recent Trade Restrictions?

On May 29, ten days after China and the U.S. agreed to hold off on starting a trade war, the White House announced that it will “impose a 25 percent tariff on US$50 billion of goods imported from China containing industrially significant technology, including those related to the ‘Made in China 2025’ program. The final list of covered imports will be announced by June 15, 2018, and tariffs will be imposed on those imports shortly thereafter.” Duowei News published a commentary article on the same day. The article stated that the statement that the White House made certainly proved that those China hardliners were not happy about the last joint statement to hold off on the trade war. It demonstrated the unpredictability of Trump’s political style and that there are conflicts between China and the U.S. that are difficult to resolve. The article suggested that, first of all, China should maintain its strategic strength and be mentally prepared for the difficulties and risks facing China – U.S. relations. It stated that unlike Japan, who the U.S. forced to sign the “Plaza Accord” 30 years ago, which led to the long-term stagnation of its economy, China has more chips and strengths to play in this game. Secondly, China should clearly recognize the gap between China and the U.S. in both hard power and soft power. According to the article, China needs to take ZTE as a big lesson where ZTE, the No.2 player in the telecommunication industry in China and a tycoon in the telecommunication industry in the world, was forced into an idle state because of its over-reliance on U.S. technology. The article concluded, “When a country like the U.S., which surpasses China by dozens of years in its core technology, still holds such a strong sense of crisis against China, how can China not remain clear-headed?”

Source: Duowei News, May 29, 2018

RFA: Catholic Pastors Wear Red Uniforms to Receive Patriotism Training

Radio Free Asia reported that the State Administration of Religious Affairs recently organized a trip called, “Love the Party Patriotism-Red Patriotic Journey.” It was held in the Jinggang Mountains in Jiangxi Province and the representatives of five religions, including dozens of pastors who the Roman Catholic Church recognized, participated. The report stated that the trip was organized for these representatives so they could “study and exchange understandings of Xi Jinping Thought as well as socialist core values.” The photos posted online showed a group picture of the representatives. Some of them were wearing red army uniforms and holding a banner that had the word, “patriotism” on it. The official website of the National Religious Bureau did not disclose relevant information about this trip. The article quoted the comments that several religious figures living overseas made. One person commented that participating in a trip like this is a disgrace to religion. Another comment said that the activity clearly shows that Xi Jinping suppresses religion on the one hand while conducting united front and reorganization activity on the other hand. While many churches in China face suppression, the three-Self Patriotic church organizes large scale activities to study socialist core values. According to the article, during their weekend service, some churches even include the study of Xi Jinping Thought and Patriotism as part of the agenda.

Source: Radio Free Asia, May 24, 2018

Huanqiu Opinion Article: It’s about Time to Let Australia Pay the Price

Duowei News reported that, on May 22, the Guardian reported that Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop raised objections to China’s military activity in the South China Sea during the G20. On May 22, Huanqiu published an opinion article which stated “It’s about time to let Australia pay the price.” According to the article, last year Australia and China’s relationship hit rock bottom. Australian officials have constantly complained to the media about China’s infiltration and interference in Australia. All the negative media coverage not only hurt the relationship of these two countries but also damaged the living environment of the overseas Chinese living in Australia. The article went on to state, “It is about time to show China’s position and make Australia pay the necessary price for its past attitude toward China.” The article further stated that in order to teach Australia a lesson, China could substitute other trade imports for certain imports from Australia, such as wine and beef. If China could reduce its imports by US$10 billion from total imports of US$76.4 billion, it would shock the Australians. The article went on, “We need to teach them a lesson. Also we can let the outside world understand that it is not a good thing for them to pick a fight with China.”

1. Huanqiu, May 22, 2018
2. Duowei News, May 22, 2018

VOA: U.S. and Australian Airlines Refuse to Cave in to Beijing’s Request

VOA reported that on April 25, the Beijing Civil Aviation Administration informed 36 foreign airlines that they could no longer list Taiwan as a country on their websites or in their marketing materials. If they did, their service in China would face termination. Despite the fact that the White House blasted the request as “Orwellian nonsense,” about 20 airlines including Air Canada, Lufthansa, and British Airways, chose to comply with Beijing’s request. However, some major U.S. airlines and one Australian airline have still not caved in. They include United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines and Qantas Airways.

Source: VOA, May 22, 2018

RFA: Suicide Rate among Municipal Officials Is Rising

According to an article published in RFA, on May 21, Wang Xiaoming, the deputy secretary-general of the Beijing municipal government, committed suicide by jumping off the building. Medical records indicate that Wang had been suffering from depression for a long period of time. The article reported that, in China, it is not uncommon for government officials to commit suicide. Statistics show that from 2009 to 2016, 243 municipal officials committed suicide. They range in age was from 45 to 55 years old. Most of them suffered from depression. The article quoted a few comments which revealed that government officials work under high pressure. They work in what is considered a high risk profession. If they don’t have the correct background, they have to pay a high price in order to get promoted. If they are the subject of an investigation, they usually don’t have many options because they know China does not operate under the rule of law. Thus the anti-corruption campaign has resulted in an increase in suicides. Corrupt officials choose suicide for three reasons: to eliminate criminal evidence and protect their peers; to protect the vested interests of their family members; and to protect their reputations.

Source: RFA, May 22, 2018

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