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Xinhua: Why the US Has Been Friendly to China in the South China Sea

Xinhua’s Special Military Commentator said that dispatching USS Chung-Hoon to South China Sea is a friendly gesture by the US DOD. It demonstrates US “hedging” strategy of both “engaging” and “deterring” China.

Xinhua said that selecting Chung-Hoon itself is a “well thought-out decision” by the US Pacific Command. First, instead of choosing a ship from the nearby Japanese Sea it chose Chung-Hoon, which was far from the incident water and needed 4 to 5 days to get there. Those 4 to 5 days gave US and China enough time for diplomatic maneuvers. Second, the ship itself has an “historical relationship” with China as it accompanied the Chinese Navy’s visit to Pearl Harbor in 2006.

Source: Xinhua, March 23, 2009

Study Times: The Recession’s Impact on Court Cases and How to Deal with It

In this article author Gao Yang addresses how the global recession is creating social instability in China. This is reflected in the courts as a large number of lawsuits are brought forward to settle disputes. He states that the People’s Courts should be better prepared to respond to these challenges and lists some general approaches.

Gao lists several sources of the social unrest: disputes between companies and their employees due to layoff or salary reduction; home owners not applying for mortgages or being delinquent on mortgage payments; increase in begging and petty theft as people living on the edge lose their means of living; popularization of illegal fund-raising as investors looking for alternatives; counterfeit money and credit card crimes; land expropriation disputes as the government pushes through its economic stimulus package; land struggles as farmers return from the city to the country; and mounting unemployment pressure, especially from college graduates.

Source: Study Times, March 23, 2009

Study Times:

The Party School of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party produces Study Times; it was established in September 1999. The paper targets the national party organization and party cadres of all levels, as well as intellectuals. It is the only party paper that specializes in training and is publicly distributed in and outside of China.

Access to Youtube Blocked from China

Internet surfers in China are no longer able to visit the video sharing website, due to the site carrying some scenes of Tibetan monks being beaten by the Chinese Armed Policemen.


A spokesperson of the China Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Internet is open in China, but for national security purposes, it needs to be managed to prevent spreading “poisonous information.” He said that he is unaware of the case of


BBC Chinese reported that since January, China has closed several hundred websites, including some popular blogs, as well as websites popular among Tibetans. Investigations confirm that China still blocks access to certain websites, including BBC


Source: BBC Chinese, March 24, 2009

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