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China Should Have More Say in International Affairs

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently published an article arguing about “Discourse Power.” The article mentioned the Chinese proposal of reforming the IMF and the World Bank. The author believed that many countries supported the idea, but it seemed China did not have much say in these organizations, which are primarily controlled by Europe, US and Japan.

The author found that, in order to conduct important reform, many international academic organizations usually provide a large amount of research help. Chinese scholars rarely participate in these processes. The article identified the lack of English skills as the primary reason.

Source: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, May, 26, 2009.

PLA Daily: Improve Regional Stability with International Military Cooperation

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily reported that a joint security exercise of the PLA and the Singapore military took place between Jun 19 and June 24 somewhere in the Guangzhou Military Region. This was the first joint exercise with Singapore, and this was the first security exercise with a foreign military.

The exercise reflected the developing military relationship between China and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). In recent years, Chinese military has extended international military cooperation on a strategic level – which is a national defense policy that has been listed in the Defense Whitepaper since 1994.

Source: PLA Daily, June 30, 2009.

Xinhua: ADB Loan Intensified the Dispute between China and India

The International Herald Leader, under Xinhua News Agency, reported from Beijing and Manila that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has protested the loan that the Asian Development Bank (ADB) decided to provide to India. The Ministry criticized ADB’s involvement in a border dispute among member countries. The disputed area is between India and China, which India calls the Arunachal Pradesh and China calls the South Tibet area.

The report also criticized Indian media for declaring China was its enemy. However the report mentioned the leadership and military of India remained univolved, as the two countries are trying to improve cooperation. The ADB Board approved document is not yet final.

Source: International Herald Leader, June 22, 2009.

Xinhua: Chinese Blueprint for Space Commerce

Outlook Weekly, a magazine by Xinhua News, published an article on the expansion of the Chinese Space Technology Group. The Group currently has four bases. In addition to the Beijing Base and Chengdu Base, the Shanghai Base focuses on solar cells, composite materials and mechanical & electrical equipments. The Xi An Base focuses on space equipment manufacturing and special technologies.

Four more bases have been added to the Group. The Tianjin Base focuses on spacecraft, environmental protection, and unmanned aircraft. The Inner Mongolia Base focuses on polycrystalline silicon and space biology. The Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Base focuses on microsatellite, and mechanical & electrical equipment. The Hainan Base focuses on launching sites, conferences & exhibitions, and science education.

Source: Outlook Weekly, June 22, 2009.

Central Party School: Five “Cancers”

The International Strategic Research Center of the CCP Central Party School recently published a research paper discussing five major serious social problems the Party now faces. The so-called five “cancers” are: the conflict between efficiency and fairness, the disproportionate development in different geographic areas, the conflict between economic development and environmental protection, the conflict between the economy and available resources, and the lack of social integrity and credibility.

The paper indicated the Reform between 1979 and 1993 was a “win-win” for all groups in society, while the one since 1994 has not been. A portion of society has been turned into “losers.” With the five “cancers,” society may enter an era of turbulence and setbacks.

Source: Secret China, July 2, 2009.

SCO: Anti-Terrorism Military Exercise Scheduled

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) announced on June 24 that the member countries agreed on the Kazakhstan’s proposal for the next military exercise. The exercise assumes a regional military conflict which will be tackled by a joint effort of the member country’s armies. The total manpower planned will be under 10,000 and the exercise is scheduled to take place in Kazakhstan in September 2010.

Source: China News, June 24, 2009.

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