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Washington and Wall Street: Tom and Jerry in Reality

Xinhua recently published an article by its Washington DC reporter on the relationship between Wall Street and Washington. Wall Street made a fortune in 2009 and the average income increased by 18%. The Obama administration is feeling really uneasy about this and his approval rate is sliding. Although the Wall Street “fat cats” are responding with lowered cash payments to their employees, the Whitehouse is actually the “Tom” in the cat-mouse game. The article pointed out that there is no fundamental conflict of interest between the two. “Jerry” is largely working with “Tom” for a PR show.

Source: Xinhua, January 24, 2010

Do not Hope the US will Stop the Arms Sale to Taiwan

The International Herald Leader published an article two weeks ago discussing the recent US Arms sale to Taiwan. The article suggests that the US does not believe China will take a stronger stand this time, but the author disagrees. The article quoted Chinese Navy major general Yang Yi, sayng that he believes China will never be a world power if the US is not punished this time. Meng Xiangqing, professor from the Institute for National Strategic Studies at National Defense University, thinks it is indeed different this time because China threatened sanctions for the first time. The professor also suggested, “Ten years later, when fundamental Chinese military power catches up to the States level, that will be the time for a showdown.”

Source: International Herald Leader, February 4, 2010

Three Key Technologies of the US Air Force in the Next Two Decades

Xinhua recently republished an article by Chinese Youth, which referred to a report by the US magazine Air Force Times. The article suggested that the US Air Force is focusing on three key technologies: (1) Customizable systems; (2) Mini unmanned aircraft; and (3) “Super” supersonic planes or missiles (the Boeing X-51 Project). Also mentioned in the article were the four primary imaginary enemies: China, Islamic separatists, “loser countries” and Russia. The article stated that China will have the number one GDP by 2030. Hence the order makes sense.

Source: Xinhua, January 24, 2010

The Wealthiest in China Are Rapidly Accumulating More Wealth

Global Times, under Chinese state daily news Renmin, recently republished an article by Outlook Weekly describing the loss of balance in the distribution of wealth in China. The rapid growth of the Chinese economy in recent years has created a large number of wealthy people. In 2009, the top 40 richest individuals all had over US$7 billion in net worth, while only 24 met the same standard in 2008. Research shows that the primary source of income for the wealthiest is the real estate market. The second primary source is the capital market. 19 out of the 40 richest individuals are in the real estate business. The wealthy in China accumulate wealth exceptionally quickly. This brings their method of obtaining income into question. Corruption, “grey income,” and monopolies are among the issues. The biggest problem, the article pointed out, is that the gap between the wealthiest and the average Chinese is getting larger and larger.

Source: Global Times, February 13, 2010

Xinhua: Antimissile is China’s Required Course

Xinhua recently published an article detailing some of the aspects of the Chinese land based antimissile experiment successfully conducted on January 11. The experiment was a “mid-stage” interception, which refers to an exoatmospheric interception that happens in, roughly, outer space. The report described the basic flight lifecycle of an intercontinental missile. The “mid-stage” is the stage after the first level engine and the warhead separate. The report indicated that the United States immediately responded upon the completion of the experiment. The US response was believed to be a “side confirmation” of the success of the mission.

The report compared the experiment with the US GMD system, which is considered a strategic missile defense system instead of a tactical system represented by the Patriot antimissile system. Components of the GMD system such as EKV, GBI and the X-Band Radar were covered by the report. The article also briefly introduced India’s PAD system, which was based on Israeli technology.

Source: Xinhua, February 3, 2010

Ten Steps to Strengthen the Chinese Movie Industry

The State Council recently developed a strategy to strengthen development of the movie industry: (1) Improve the quality while keeping the growth of quantity; (2) transform the state movie producing companies into shareholding enterprises; (3) grow cross-regional theater lines; (4) establishing more digital theaters; (5) increase financial support for movie industry; (6) push technological innovations; (7) implement digitalization in the countryside; (8) enhance international influence with the “go out” strategy; (9) improve the governing laws and policies; (10) enhance the work of building a talent pool.

Source: Xinhua, January 25, 2010

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