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Xinhua: Break-Throughs in the News and Publishing Industry

Xinhua recently reported that the National News and Publishing Bureau Directors’ Conference was a major milestone in the industry. The Conference concluded with five areas fot break-throughs: (1) Deepening the reform of state-owned organizations to introduce creativity and a market orientation; (2) Improving privately owned publishing houses with needed controls for “healthy development”; (3) Speeding up development in the digital publishing area; (4) Strengthening the “Go Out” strategy for penetrating the international market; (5) Optimizing the publishing administrative environment by standardizing the “reporting order,” cleaning up the newspaper and magazine market, and establishing a “blacklist” of undisciplined reporters.

Source: Xinhua Net, August 11, 2009.

Legal Evening News: 300,000 2008 College Graduates Unemployed

China Youth recently republished an article by Legal Evening News on the unemployment rate for 2008 college graduates. The report revealed that the popular majors such as Law, English, Management and International Trade were among the top unemployment categories for the past two consecutive years. Civil Engineering had the highest employment rate, and the Medical field had the lowest income. Experts suggested that this situation was largely because, a few years ago, universities had been setting up majors solely by following the trend.

Source: China Youth Online, August 12, 2009.

Boxun: High Ranking US State Department Official Talks about Kim Jong-Il

A high ranking US State Department official, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggested on Thursday that Kim Jong-Il was willing to change his policies towards a pro-American direction. Kim intends to have direct dialogues with the US. His move on quitting the Six Party Talks was to break away from Beijing instead of Moscow. Kim’s deputy “leaked” some information to former US president Clinton on nuclear weapons: the warheads won’t reach the US, but can reach “the west side” (countries west of Korea, such as China). The ball is now with Washington.

Source: Boxun, August 8, 2009.

The Chinese Communist Party Penetrates the Legal Profession

China Economy Net reported on August 6 that, among 14,000 law firms, 3,895 firms have established independent Party branches, while 2,692 firms have joint Party branches. The Party sent guidance officers to all of the 2,741 law firms without Party members. Thus the entire legal profession is completely covered by the Communist Party.

The same news network reported that the Minister of Justice, Wu Aiying, commented on “sensitive legal cases” and “Mass disturbances.” Wu said that, in the first half of this year, there were more than 270,000 legal support cases nationwide. Wu emphasized strengthening Party development among lawyers and covering the entire legal profession.

Source: China Economy Net, August 6, 2009.

China Youth: Baidu Now the World’s Second Largest Search Engine

The US market research organization Comscore reported that Baidu holds 6.9% of the world search market, surpassing Yahoo, which used to be the second largest search engine. The Chinese authoritative Internet research agency data also shows that Baidu has 75.7% of the Chinese market share. Analysts suggested that China now has a netizen population of 338 million, which helped on this search engine’s ranking (ed: In contrast to search engines that operate in China, such as Google and Yahoo, where the CCP has imposed a forced censorship, Baidu voluntarily carries out an even stricter self-censorship).

Source: China Youth, August 7, 2009.

Xinhua: China Should Have More Say on Global Pricing

Xinhua reported that the Deputy of the Development and Reform Commission, Ren Pengseng, said at the China Price Forum that China should fight for more say on the pricing of bulk commodities on the global market.

Ren claimed that the Chinese economy started recovering this year, but the recovery is not reliable and the pressure of structural adjustments is mounting up. Liquidity is ample and the level of prices tends to increase. In order to improve the price control and adjustment system, it is important to enhance monitoring and reserving mechanisms and price adjustment funds.

Source: Xinhua, July 30, 2009.

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