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Global Times: Anti-Spy Manual Focused on US, Japan and Taiwan

Global Times, under the Chinese state daily news publication Renmin, recently republished a report by the World Journal, a U.S. based Chinese language newspaper partially funded by the Chinese government. The report mentioned a manual that has been widely spread online, “western spies around Chinese people everyday,” 

The manual ranks the U.S. “anti-China” spies at the top level and Western European spies as second. Taiwanese spies under cover as “students” need attention too. It also classifies the spies into government funded and non-government funded.

Due to the fact that the West has recently increased the number of Chinese spies, the article reported that Global Times called for striking back with more exposure of foreign spies.

Source: Global Times, June 12, 2009.

Xinhua: Pushing Internet Ethics for a Harmonious Society

Xinhua News recently republished an article from Guangming Daily, a Beijing city based national newspaper, on "occupying the internet battlefield with Chinese socialist culture." The article suggests the enhancement of government involvement in managing the internet with the following measures: (1) establishing a dedicated government branch for internet control; (2) making enforcement laws; (3) setting up mechanisms to approve registration and to control network entry; (4) deploying tiered governance.

The article urges the government to build up the "core ethics value" of Chinese socialism and to increase the financial and labor investment to educate the population and to "occupy the battlefield" – through the mainstream sites.

Source: Xinhua News, April 20, 2009.

Study Times: Network-Centric Warfare Will Dominate Future Battlegrounds

Study Times, the CCP Central Party School’s newspaper, recently published an article stressing the importance of Network-Centric Warfare (NCW). It claimed that the U.S. DOD is undertaking plans to enhance the NCW capabilities of the U.S. Armed Forces, which includes the plan to establish an NCW Command Headquarters.

The article stated that the fact that NCW changes competition spaces and basic rules is no longer a theoretical argument. It actually was realized under certain conditions and produced encouraging results. Change is unavoidable, and the article suggested applying a new mindset to military reforms.

Source: Study Times, June 8, 2009.

Xinhua: The Chinese Academy of Sciences Points Out Strategic Space Technology Targets

On June 10, the Chinese Academy of Sciences published the Chinese Technology Roadmap Towards 2050. The Roadmap includes three strategic targets of Space Science and Technology: (1) Space Science targets major breakthrough in frontier scientific areas such as black holes; (2) Space Application targets earth observation infrastructure; (3) Space Technology targets bottleneck technologies such as high resolution and high precision time space datum, miniaturized and self-guided spacecrafts, and manned space missions.

Source: Xinhua Net, June 10, 2009.

Deutsche Welle: CCP Structural Change – College Graduates Join the Party to Get Better Jobs

Deutsche Welle recently published a digest article based on a report by Friday Weekly – a Hong Kong based magazine. The report focused on female college graduates who are applying for Communist Party membership. The students believed that the structure of the Party is changing due to the fact that 30% – 50% of students apply for Party membership. Although the students generally find the Party’s theories very boring, they are interested in better job opportunities. The Party welcomes young idealists with outstanding academic records and leadership capabilities – though the students are often just acting to demonstrate these qualities.

Source: Deutsche Welle,4307287,00.html

China News: Calling for Chinese Oil Futures for the Power of Setting International Oil Price

China News, a state owned and internationally oriented Chinese news agency, recently reported on the idea of having Chinese oil futures. The Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai delivered speeches that indicated the State Council intended to introduce crude oil, gasoline, diesel and asphalt futures at the Shanghai Futures Exchange. The Exchange has been pushing the oil futures for quite some time and the system is ready. However, the Chinese oil industry is highly centralized and the related oil companies are not willing to give up the pricing monopoly. Another major barrier is foreign exchange control, which prevents international players from participating in the commodity trade.

Source: China News, June 2, 2009.

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