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Study Times: Attach Great Importance to National Strategic Research

Study Times, a magazine by CCP Central Party School, recently published an article on the importance and urgency of enhancing research efforts of national strategic issues. The article indicated that wide, systematic and deep researches on economics development strategies, political development strategies, culture development strategies and social development strategies are urgently needed today.

The article drilled down to sub-strategies and relationships between the above mentioned major strategic areas. It also suggested that the government should establish National Strategic Research Institute, which should: (1) Gather experienced scholars specialized in various areas to learn from advanced countries; (2) Hold high level training classes for high ranking government officials to enhance strategic thinking; (3) Establish post-doctoral stations to ensure continued supply of talents; (4) Construct National Strategic Information System; (5) Publish National Strategic Research and Consulting Magazine to facilitate communications.

Source: Study Times, May 18, 2009.

Xinhua: Tough Reform – The Grand Household Registration System

Xinhua News republished an article on Feb. 13, 2008, about the reform of the Household Registration System. During the past 50 years, the system restricted the farmers from freedom of residence and migration and thus established a big gap between cities and rural areas. The upcoming reform focuses on how to grant national treatment to China’s own farmers. This unfair system facilitated the rapid industrialization of the cities at the cost of a large amount of individuals living in rural areas. Due to the huge size of the population impacted, the grand reform is becoming one of the hardest tasks in front of the government.

Source: Xinhua Net, Feb. 13, 2008.

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: Emergency News Control Mechanism

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences News published an article on May 14 regarding how to control news reports on emergency affairs. The article defined the scope of “emergency affairs” as natural disasters, accidents, public health incidents and public safety incidents.

The article suggested that the government should establish organizational units to “lead” the reporting effort. All media should establish dedicated channels to the government and the Party’s leading units to gauge the reporting effort in order to “correctly” guide the public opinion. The article’s suggested mechanism also requires recurring coordination meetings to ensure “correct” directions are followed and all resources can be managed centrally and effectively.

Source: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences News, May 14, 2009.

Hu Jintao: Build a Strong Chinese Air Force

Chinese President Hu Jintao talked about building a strong Air Force in a new historic period. On May 22, he delivered a speech at the 11th Air Force’s CCP Representatives Conference. Hu emphasized keeping “politically right thinking,” describing it as the top priority.

Hu also suggested in his speech that today’s Chinese military needs to stand firm on “core values” which he then referred to as strictly and willingly following the Communist Party’s orders. He also mentioned that the Air Force should be prepared to win local wars under information system oriented conditions.

Source: Boxun, May 22, 2009.

International Herald Leader: West’s New Tactic to Stop China’s Aircraft Carrier

The International Herald Leader, under Xinhua News, published an article suggesting that the media in the West is changing its tone. The report indicated that the West is now promoting the “Delay Theory” instead of the “Threat Theory”. It is believed change in tone is just another way to slow the development of the Chinese Navy.

The report also stated the belief that building an aircraft carrier fleet is a good way to stimulate the domestic market. The article also stated that there is no way to stop China from becoming a sea power.

Source: International Herald Leader, May 14, 2009. 

HK Wen Wei Po: The Direction of The Chinese Road

Hong Kong based newspaper, Wen Wei Po, strongly supportive of the Chinese Communist government, published an article on May 15 to discuss the future direction of the Chinese economy. The article suggested that although tertiary industries such as the techology and services industries are important; it is very hard for them to compete against the West. Agriculture and basic industries still provide the primary support to Chinese economy. A future strategy emphasized in the article was to keep developing the economy’s export orientation which is believed to have been a successful approach thus far. The article also stated that the Chinese financial industry needs significant improvement, yet it should not follow the example of the West, offering too many complicated “gambling” financial tools which form what the article called the “Casino Economy”.

Source: Wen Wei Po, May 15, 2009. 

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