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Study Times: Improving the Tank for New Warfare

Study Times reported that because of the new military revolution and the rapid rise of the helicopter, which is called the tank’s ‘natural enemy,’ the former “King of Land Warfare” (the tank) is facing severe challenges. Tanks need to be re-adjusted. First, lighten tanks to increase their flexibility. Second, be invisible to minimize the probability of opponents’ detection. Third, extend the range to realize the over-the-horizon precision strike. Fourth, integrate to enhance the tank’s comprehensive combat capability.

Source: Study Times, July 6, 2009

China News Agency: The US Has Responsibility for the Situation in North Korea

Regarding internantional questions of whether China had been enforcing the economic punishment of North Korea according to UN Security Council resolution 1874, China News Agency countered that the reasons of the development of the North Korea issue up to today are comprehensive. It is completely irresponsible to pass the buck to China. According to Chinese experts’ opinions, when China tried to resolve the situation, some countries played a contrary role. “For the situation in North Korea to come to today’s point, the United States has certain responsibilities. Japan announced that North Korea is a hostile country… The Japanese media highly exaggerated the ‘North Korea threat theory.’… Since Lee Myung-Bak, President of South Korea, took office, he has taken a hard-line policy on North Korea… These factors have led to the deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.” 

Source: China News Agency, June 26, 2009

Google Was Set up and Yielded Once Again

Epoch Times reported that, in an effort to justify the forced use of Internet filter software, China used faked evidence against Google and even shut down Google China for a few hours. On June 18, the host of the popular prime time show, “Focus Report,” on state-run CCTV demonstrated that a large number of pornography terms could be found in a Google search. On June 25, network traffic analysts found that a week before the CCTV program, some people had deliberately searched lots of pornography terms on Google. The daily pornography terms search rose 5950 percent, in a linear fashion as opposed to a smooth curve that would  occur in normal situations. Those searches came from Beijing. Netizens also found out that the student who appeared on the "Focus Report" program accusing Google China of linking to pornography information was actually an intern for CCTV’s “Focus Report” program.

As a result, Google was forced to stop the suggestion and translation features on Google China, which had given it a competitive advantage over some other search engines operating in China. Those features also made it easy for individuals inside mainland China at least to see links that the government had blocked. There is also a report that Google China agreed to install server filtering software (the so called server version of the "Green Dam" filtering software) on its servers.

[1] Epoch Times, June 29, 2009
[2] Epoch Times, July 8, 2009

Study Times: The BRICs’ Impact on the World

Study Times published an article entitled “How to See the BRICs Leaders’ First Official Summit” regarding the BRICs first official summit in Yekaterinburg, Russia on July 16. The article stated that the "Four (BRICs) countries’ economic development models were unique. There was tremendous potential in the economic and trade cooperation (between them)." The article stated that the “BRICs” summit among China, India, Pakistan and Russia was a practical action for the four countries to seek a breakthrough in the direction according to the current international market pattern. The four countries’ cooperation would help the whole world get rid of the international market, which was controlled firmly by the United states and other Western developed countries and get out of the “US Dollar Hegemony Era,” whose representative was the United States. 

Source: Study Times, June 22, 2009

China Is Behind on Concepts of Governing by Law

Xinhua published an article titled “Six Concepts to Change in Order to Deepen the Construction of Governing by Law.” It lists six deficiencies in governing by law and argues that these concepts need to be changed: first, from the current approach of creating social change by non-legal means to administering by law; second, from simple pursuit of economic growth to the whole society’s development; third, from focusing on the government construction to focusing on the national economy and the people’s well-being; fourth, from simply pursuing administrative efficiency to pursuing the equality of efficiency and fairness, while putting more weight on social justice; fifth, from rigid management to service-orientated governance; and sixth, from focusing on development and utilization of natural resources to focusing on the sustainable development of society.

Source: Xinhua, Jun 25, 2009

China News Agency: China’s Military Expenditures Leaping to “the World’s Second” Is Normal

Many Chinese web sites widely published a China News Agency article defending China’s military spending. The article was based on a Hong Kong Wen Wei Po article. It acknowledged that in 2008 China’s military expenditures had leaped to the world’s second. It then argued, “Internationally, ‘people with their own agenda’ will inevitably create a new wave of ‘China threats.’ However, since China’s GDP will soon surpass Japan to become the world’s second-largest economy, wasn’t it normal that its military expenditures correspondingly move to second position, too?” “In fact, right now China’s military expenditures, compared to the China’s national defense and security needs, are far from being adequate.”

Source: China News, June 15, 2009

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Expert: China’s Urban Development Model Has Reached Its End

Wei Houkai, Deputy Director of the Urban Development and Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, stated that the traditional urban development model in China has come to its end and China needs to transition to a new era. Wei listed the following concerns in China’s development model:
1. High growth.
2. High resource consumption – production is generated based on large scale consumption of energy, land, and raw materials.
3. High discharge – the energy cost per unit and waste discharge rate is the highest in the world.
4. Over-development and lack of planning.
5. Disaccord – the gap between the coast area and inland area, and the huge (4 to 6 times) income gap between the urban and the rural areas.

Source: China News Agency, June 15, 2009

Xinhua: The Hacker Business: an Industrial Chain in China

The International Herald Leader, a newspaper under the Xinhua News Agency, posted an article stating that the hacker business is an established gray industrial chain China. The article stated, “‘Hacker’ does not necessarily mean ‘wrecker." But the ‘wrecker’ part of the hacker business has become a large-scale industrial chain with more than 200 million yuan in annual income.” The hackers’ industrial chain includes: the “thief hackers,” who steal valuable network information; the “gun sellers,” who sell hacker tools and provide after-sale technical support; the “hired network killers,” who normally use a DDOS approach to attack web sites; and hacker trainers, whose teaching covers the technology of virus and Trojan creation and network attacks. It was said that a typical hacker’ web site can bring at least two to five million yuan annually.  

Source: Xinhua, June 12, 2009