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Official Newspaper Praise the Patriotism of the Young Oversea Chinese Immigrants

This front page article, titled “The Young Men Who Protest ‘Tibetan Separatist’ and the Western Media Deformation” and published by International Herald Leader, a subsidiary of the official Xihua News, spoke of the stories of three young oversea Chinese for their “heroic actions” to defend the image of the “country” (China). The three Chinese, aged from 20 to 24, are all recent immigrants to the west. One of them lives in Canada and had produced a Youtube video for the purpose to “educate the west with true facts that Tibet is an inseparable part of China”. The second young man featured in the story, a residence of England, had vowed to place the Chinese national flag inside the “head-quarter of the Tibetan Separatist” in London. The third one had created an ANTI-CNN.COM website aimed at exposing the western media for smearing China with fabricated stories. In the end, the article praises the “grass-root power” and the “patriotism” demonstrated by the generation of 1980’s and their ability to expose the “arrogant and prejudice” of the western media "so more people in the west can learn the truth about Tibet”.

Source: Xinhua April 1, 2008

ChinaNews: Chinese Associations in US Denounce the Tibetan Separatists

This front page article of China News cited a report from “Qiao Bao” (“Oversea Chinese Daily”), a US-based newspaper backed by Beijing, that Chinese Associations in the DC area have expressed their “grave anger” towards “the very few” “Tibetan separatists” who committed “criminal acts” in Tibet as well as recent “terrorist attacks” on overseas Chinese consulate buildings. An official statement released by the US Fujian Fellowship Association calls for overseas Chinese to “defend the embassy and consulates of the motherland and to protect the safety of our diplomats”, according to the article. A joint statement from the Washington DC Council for Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China and the Greater DC Friends of Xinjiang Association expressed “grave anger” towards “certain Western media” for “intentional misleading reporting” on the Tibet incident and called for Western politicians “not to be cheated by Dalai clique”.

Source: China News, March 23, 2008

Xinhua: More Countries Voicing Support for China on Tibet. Sudan among the Latest

Xinhua reported today that more countries have expressed their support for China’s actions in handling the “severe and violent criminal incident” in Tibet. The governments of Sudan, Mauritius, and another eleven countries are among the latest, according to Xinhua. “A government has the responsibility to take necessary action to maintain social stability and security when facing violent incidents created by domestic separatists who are incited by foreign forces,” the report said. Xinhua also cited a statement from the government of Sudan openly expressing support of China’s “necessary actions."

Source: Xinhua, March 23, 2008

US Press Freedom High on Water Content

This front page commentary, cited in Wen Hui Bao a Hong Kong based newspaper backed by Beijing, characterized press freedom in the US as “High on Water Content” (a Chinese saying meaning having surface value but little substance). According to the article, under high pressure and an unseen hanging rope, the US media have become reluctant to either criticize the government or discuss the legitimacy of the Iraq war. The media does not have any means to force the government into releasing more information and for a long period of time it has not dared to challenge the government’s propaganda policy. The end result has been to accept and encourage the government’s news which in effect has made the US media unknowingly a propaganda tool for the US government.

Source: China News, March 19, 2008

China Rejects “Groundless Accusations” by EU on Human Rights Violations

China firmly rejects the "groundless accusations" by the European Union and NGO’s on China’s human rights record, according to the official Chinese delegate attending the 7th Session of UN Human Right Conference in Geneva. For the past thirty years, China’s democratic and judicial system has been constantly improving, the level of human rights enjoyed by the people is steadily rising, and the government policy on human rights has been "whole-heartedly" supported by the people, according to the official statement. It suggests that EU members should check their own human rights records before accusing others.

Source: Xinhua, March 17, 2008

Xinhua: China will issue “2007 US Human Rights Report”

The Press Office of China’s State Council will issue a "2007 US Human Rights Report" on March 13, according to Xinhua News Agency. The release of this report, its 9th year in a row, is a direct rebuttal to "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" released by the U.S. State Department on March 11 which, according to Xinhua, slanders China’s human rights record with groundless accusations.

Source: Xinhua, March 12, 2008

Chinese Nationals Attending Paralympic Games Must Submit Personal Information

Chinese nationals attending the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games must submit their photo IDs and other required personal information in order to qualify for tickets, according to an announcement made by the official Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games on March 7. The announcement stated that this procedure was put in place in order to boost security, eliminate ticket scalping, and protect the rights of legitimate ticket buyers. The announcement applies to Chinese nationals only and the required materials must be submitted in person with true and accurate information or the tickets will be revoked.

Source: Xinhua, March 7, 2008 h

Xinhua: Chinese Hacker Story by CNN a “Complete Fabrication”

Global Times, a subsidiary of People’s Daily, published an interview with Xiao Chen, a young Chinese internet hacker who was featured in CNN’s March 7 exclusive "China Hacker" story. "CNN’s story is completely fabricated", said Xiao Chen who also denied that his team had successfully attacked Pentagon’s website nor  that his website have received any funding from the Chinese authorities. The article criticized the US media’s fanfare of the so-called "China’s Internet Threat". It quoted a statement from the Minister of the Foreign Affairs that neither the Chinese government nor the military would hire civilian hackers to attack the government networks of other countries.

Source: Xinhua, March 10, 2008
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