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Internet Hot Topic: Beijing Street Slogan à Leave A Smooth Open Road for Foreign Friends

A picture taken at Beijing’s street was posted and widely circulated on the Internet with a big banner saying “Reduce Going Out to Leave A Smooth Open Road for Foreign Friends.” Google search with Chinese slogan returned over 800 items, many with numerous Internet users’ postings. For example, in Tianya (one of the most popular Internet forum in China), a user from Beijing posted his experience and feeling of the inconvenience brought to him due to the heightened level of security check and various regulations in the preparation of Olympics. In the last sentence, the user sarcastically says, “…We should be civilized and obedient host, like the slogan ‘Reduce Going Out …’ on the street.”

Source: BBC, July 16, 2008

Beijing Railway Security Level Upgraded; Special Police Armed to Patrol

Beijing Railway Police declared security level upgrade on July 21, 2008 for the safety of Olympics. Anything entering the railway stations will subject to various security checks. Liquid will have to go through the “machine” from the date announced. Special police equipped with rifles are patrolling in all the four railway stations in Beijing. Detecting dogs are randomly checking goods round the clock.

Source: Xinhua, July 21, 2008

Large Banners with Slogans: ‘Illegal’ Petitions Will Be Sentenced and Penalized’

A Boxun (U.S.-based independent Chinese news website) reader posted pictures of  large Chinese character  slogans hung in various cities in mainland China. The slogans are being hung up as banners over the streets as part of a campaign to suppress petitions ahead of the Olympics. The slogans use wording such as “’Illegal ‘ Petitions Will Be Sentenced and Penalized;” “Firmly Crack Down on Criminal Activities Committed in the Name of Petitioning.” The author describes his anger at seeing a board saying “striking against illegal petitions” in front of a municipal government office.

Source: Boxun, July 14, 2008.

Increased Armed Police and Travel Requirements in Beijing

Xinhua reports that passengers traveling in and out of Beijing during the Olympics need to use their real names to purchase tickets. The Ministry of Transportation issued a notice requiring strict checkups on passengers traveling via land and water. The news report is provided with photos showing police with heavy firearms standing at checkpoints along a main road.[1] In a separate picture report, armed police are patrolling Beijing’s Capital Airport. [2]

Source: Xinhua, July 11, 2008

Beijing Places its Main Focus of Olympic Security on Domestic Enemies

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua magazine Outlook Weekly, Tian Yixiang, chief of the Army Department of the Beijing Olympic Security Coordination Group, says that preventing terrorist attacks is the primary focus (of the security work). Tian says terrorist attacks are the main threat (to the Olympics) and names “East Turkestan,” “Tibetan Independence,” and Falun Gong groups as the sources of the threat.

Source: Outlook Weekly, Issue 27, 2008

Beijing Hails Bush’s Decision to Attend the Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games

During G-8 summit meeting Bush restated that he will not miss the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fokuda also expressed his intention to attend the ceremony. After French President Sarcozy finally gives out words that he is going to Beijing for the event, Xinhua publishes an article claiming that “Anti-China Force Sighs Sadly the Total Failure of Boycotting Beijing Olympics. Bush’s picture in a posture with a thumb up was posted under the title of the article.

Source: Xinhua, July 7, 2008

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