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Bush Becomes Xinhua’s Favorite Target during Olympics

Using the key words “Bush” and “Olympics” to search within the website of China’s state media Xinhua returned well over 100 items from August 8-12. Bush, representing the important figures of Western “guests,” has been used as a symbol to boost the “grandiosity” of the Beijing Olympics. In Xinhua’s report on the opening ceremony, Bush’s picture entering the stadium with Hu Jintao was shown in the prime position. Below are a few samples of such report:
Bush Watches Olympics: “Very Exciting, Better than Expected”

Bush Praises Olympics Surpassing Expectation: “Feel Really Great”

Bush Is Absorbed in Watching Olympic Games; Wife Says Opening Ceremony “Wonderful’

Bush: Passionate Cheerleader

Narrating to His Wife in Advance, Bush Overjoyed by China-U.S. Men’s Basketball Game

Xinhua: U.S. Requiring China’s Military Air Route for Civil Use Is to Slow Our Military Advance

Pertaining to a report that one U.S. senior airline official said on August 4 that China should let more military air routes give way to civil use in order to comply with the explosive increase of civil demand, Xinhua’s Global Times published an article that says, “Like other countries, China’s government has set a limit for domestic and international air routes for the sake of State security.” The article quotes the opinion of a China expert on the issue saying, “ The purpose of tje U.S. requiring China to loosen up the control of the military area in the air is consistent with its overall strategy. On the surface, it is for the benefit of ordinary Chinese people. In essence, it has the intention of restricting and slowing China’s military modernization, and occupying China’s air market at the same time.”

Source: Xinhua, August 5, 2008

Xinhua: U.S. Expansion of Air Force Base in Central Asia Puts Western China under Threat

Xinhua’s Global Times published a report today stating that the Northwestern region of Xinjiang is under U.S. threat due to the presence of a U.S. air force base in Kyrgyzstan’s Manas International Airport in its capital Bishkek. The article says, “It has never been heard of that a country’s capital airport be entered by a foreign country’s air force, civil and military planes sharing the same track. The author says that the U.S. hits three birds with one stone with the base: getting close to Russia’s soft part in the South; directly threatening China’s wester areas; and encroaching on Iran from another direction.

Source: Xinhua, August 5, 2008

Sichuan Earthquake Parent Sentenced to Labor Camp for Exposing Shoddy School Construction

Liu Shaokun, a teacher who lost his child in the earthquake from Deyang City of Sichuan Province, was arrested by the authorities on June 25 and sentenced to one-year labor camp thereafter. His “crime” is "suspicion of inciting subversion of state power." After the May 12th Sichuan earthquake, he took pictures of the collapsed school buildings and posted them on the Internet. He also expressed his angry feelings about the sub-standard shoddy school construction when talking to media reporters.

Source: Voice of America, July 30,2008

Pre-Olympic Beijing: Police Everywhere

Oriental Daily (HK) reports on July 31, 2008: As the Olympics approache, Beijing has heightened its security levels. Police and check points are everywhere on the street. From July 30, all the visitors entering Tiananmen Square will have to go through a security check.

Source: Oriental Daily, July 31, 2008

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