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Australian Chinese Organized to Support Olympic Torch and Neutralize Protesters

Boxun reports on April 14 that various Chinese organizations in Australia are being organized to circulate an urgent letter calling on Chinese in various Australian cities to help [Chinese people in] Canberra and support the April 24 Olympic Torch relay in Canberra. The report published the whole letter issued by the Australian Chinese Youth Exchange Promotion Association. The letter claims that there will be several hundred protesters composed of “Tibetan Independence” and other “anti-China” forces trying to sabotage the event. “These people rehearsed to humiliate China using the torch to light cigarettes and toilet paper, and using extinguishers to put out the Torch,” says the letter. The letter detailed the schedules for free transportation from various locations and promised to provide free meals. The report questions who pays for the free meals and free transportation.

Source: Boxun, April 14, 2008-4-15

Xinhua Article Questions Pelosi: What Does Pelosi Want to Do?

On Xinhua’s website on April 14, an article, by Shen Dingli, Deputy Director of the International Affairs Institute of [Shanghai’s] Fudan University, described U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as “opposing China no matter what” and questioned what she wanted to do [about China]. The article said that Pelosi started a Congressional Resolution to prohibit U.S. officials from attending the Beijing Olympics using government funds, though she has no control over the U.S. executive branch.

The article complimented President Bush, saying that Bush’s views and actions [regarding Sino-U.S. cooperation for the Olympics] are responsible. The article continued, “Pelosi even publicly called on people to make trouble at her hometown San Francisco during the Olympic Torch relay. Being ranked third to succeed President’s position and as the Speaker [of the House], Pelosi is naturally a top level leader. At such a high level position of public power, she even despises the law, supporting “Tibetan Independence” forces to challenge the Olympic Torch and interfer with the U.S. government’s protection of the Torch relay…”

Source: Xinhua, April 14, 2008

Xinhua Article Says U.S. Congressmen Profit from Iraq War

In Xinhua’s World News section on April 6, 2008, the state-run media published an article that quoted an Associated Press’s report of U.S. Congress officials’ investment in U.S. defense companies. The Xinhua article is titled “U.S. Congress Leaders Make Huge Profits From War.” Under the title, the article highlighted Iraq war with a picture memorizing the soldiers died in the war and a description of war’s damage in the picture caption. The article quoted the AP report and said that U.S. congressmen invested US$196 million in the defense companies having businesses from the U.S. State Department and have made huge amounts of money since the Iraq war. The Xinhua article named John Kerry, Joseph Lieberman, and Roy Blunt as the ones that have benefited most.

Xinhua, April 6, 2008

CCTV Economics 30 Minutes Program Stopped Broadcasting Following Critical Comments of Government S

World Journal (A Chinese daily newspaper based in North America) reports on April 8, 2008: CCTV’s “Economics 30 Minutes” Program was stopped from broadcasting after airing a comment on April 2 by an economic expert in its program that criticized central government’s inactivity of rescuing the stock market crash and the high capital gain tax. This is the first time the program stopped broadcasting without notice since it was first aired 18 years ago. It is said that two producers of the programs are being investigated.

Source: World Journal, April 7, 2008

People’s Daily: The United States Plotted Dollar’s Depreciation

People’s Daily posted an article on April 2, 2008 to comment the recent decline U.S. dollars, under the title of “The United States Plotted Dollar’s Depreciation to Reduce China’s Foreign Currency Reserve.” The article quoted a comment by Li Liangzhong, the director of the Economics Bureau of CCP Policy Research Institute, in a public forum. Li said that U.S. dollar’s depreciation and the above US$100 per barrel of oil was an elaborately plotted conspiracy by the United States, with the purpose to reduce the purchasing power of China’s foreign currency reserve.

Source: People’s Daily, April 2, 2008

China Continues to Blast Dalai Lama

On April 1, 2008, China’s state media Xinhua republished a commentary articles from People’s Daily (oversea’s edition) that continued the recent campaign of attacking Dalai Lama. The article, titled “Dalai Lama Lied Again” and authored by deputy director of China’s Tibetan Cultural protection and development, attacked Dala Lama’s recent public statement of “not seeking Tibet independence” and “not involved in the recent Tibet protest” as lies. Under the title, a series of recent related articles were listed and linked to the full text, including:
Revealing Truth: Before and after the Fourteenth Dalai’s Fleeing (video clips of CCTV’s Documentary “Dalai Lama”)
The True Intention of Dalai Clique’s “Middle Path” Is to “Tibet Independence”
Lhasa Incident Exposed the Lies of Dala’s “Human Rights”
The Living Buddha of Tibet Asks Dalai not to Damage National Unity and Ethnic Harmony

Source: Xinhua, April 1, 2008

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