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Soft Spread of the Chinese Language Is a National Strategy

Xu Lin, director of China’s National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, talked about the international spread of the Chinese language in an interview with Xinhua’s publication Outlook Weekly magazine. Xu said that the international spread of the Chinese language was a national strategy. To accomplish such a great venture, it must be done through the combined efforts of various departments of the government as well as the whole society. Xu emphasizes that the most pressing issue is to improve the ability for the Chinese language to spread [beyond the country]. China’s National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language was established in 1987. It is made up of officials from 11 departments of the State Council. Its mission is to coordinate various ministries, treat the international spread of Chinese as a national issue, and spread it in a quiet manner. The headquarters of the Confucius Institutes established later is another face of the same office.

Source: Sohu, May 5, 2008

Aba Autonomous Prefecture Government Mandates Lawyers to Be in Solidarity with the Party

On April 29, the Judicial Department of Aba Prefecture [Aba is the second largest Tibetan ethnic group in Sichuan Province] held a lawyers’ professional training conference. All 55 practicing lawyers in the region attended the training. During the conference, the lawyers were required to be in solidarity with the Party’s Unified Plan both in thought and action, to be sober-minded about the [political] climate, and to counter-attack the Dalai clique’s separation with concrete actions.

Source: Boxun, May 4, 2008

Chinese Foreign Minister Publicly Associates Taiwanese Independence groups with Tibetan protests

In a meeting with journalists on April 17 during a visit to Japan, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi stated, “I emphasize that the Tibetan issue is China’s internal affair. The Chinese government has already made great efforts (in resolving the Tibet issue), communicated with the world about the situation of Tibet, and organized foreign diplomatic officials and journalist to visit Tibet. It has already confirmed through investigation that the serious criminal riot in Tibetan area is produced at the Dalai faction’s organized instigation and by the collusion of Taiwanese independence group with Tibetan Secessionists.”

Source: Boxun, April 29, 2008

What Tibetan Issue Is and Is Not? Headlines from Xinhua news

April 29: The “Tibetan Issue” Is Not a Religious Issue [1]
April 28: The So-Called “Tibetan Issue” Is the Product of Imperialists’ Invasion of China [2]
April 26: The “Tibetan Issue” Is Not a Ethnic Issue [3]

Source: Xinhua, April, 2008

Li Congjun Appointed as Director of Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua April 25 news: Li Congjun was appointed as director of Xinhua News Agency. Li was born in September, 1949; graduated from Shandong University with doctor degree of literature in 1985. He has served as Party secretary and deputy director of Xinhua News Agency since August 2007. He was appointed as deputy minister of China Propaganda Ministry in February 2001.

Source: Xinhua, April 25, 2008

People’s Daily: Paula Dobriansky Ignorant Coordinator for Tibetan Issues

Following the publication of U.S. undersecretary of state Paula Dobriansky’s  article “The way Forward in Tibet” on April 21 in Washington Post, People’s Daily (overseas edition, circulating among overseas Chinese) published a commentary article to counter Paula’ Dobriansky’s argument of resolving the current Tibetan crisis through dialogue. The article, under the title “Ignorant Coordinator for Tibetan Issues,” repeated Chinese regime’s harsh rhetoric against the Dalai Lama and accused Paula Dobriansky of siding with Dalai Lama. It says Paula’ title of being the coordinator of Tibetan issues is a self-claimed entertainment that nobody recognizes. At the end of the article, the author questions: "This ‘coordinator’ who once attended 2007 Brussels ‘International Conference of Supporting Tibetan Organization’ does not even know Dalai Faction’s activities of sabotaging Olympics? … Is (Paula) cheating herself or cheating others?"

Source: Xinhua, April 23, 2008

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