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NTDTV Audiences from Mainland China Send an Open Letter to U.S. Congress Regarding Eutelsat Incident

An open letter to U.S. Congress by tens of thousands of NTDTV (a Chinese TV station based in North America) audiences from Hubei Province of mainland China is published today on the website of NTDTV. The letter strongly asks U.S. government and BBG to ensure that “VOA,” “Radio Free Asia,” and “NTDTV” can be broadcast without the interference of Chinese communist regime. The letter says that they have been the die-hard fans of “VOA,” “Radio Free Asia,” and “NTDTV” because these media offered them the true information of freedom and democracy from the free world. They are astonished after learning that BBG is planning to move “VOA” and “Radio Free Asia” from Eutelsat to a satellite controlled by Chinese communist regime (and as a result, NTDTV’s contract with Eutelsat will be terminated). They are puzzled to ask, “Is American government helping Chinese communist dictators suppress free voice, not allowing Chinese people receive free information?”

Source: NTDTV, July 29, 2008

U.S. Reporter Denied Visa for Darfur Connection

The Chinese Consulate in San Francisco had denied a visa to Kendra Zanotto, 2004 Olympic synchronized swimmer and Bronze medalist. The 26 year old athlete was hired by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad as a reporter to cover the synchronized swimming event.

The Chinese Consulate offered no explanation. But Ms. Zanotto believes the reason is her involvement in Team Darfur, an athletic group trying to end violence in Sudan.

In an interesting twist, some Chinese websites reported (apparently falsely) that the reason her visa was denied was because of an “immigration tendency”, a frequent reason given for U.S. visa denial to foreign visitors. As a result, the news was cheered by many Chinese as a sign for China’s standing up.

Source: Radio Free Asia, July 25, 2008

Newspaper Recalled Tiananmen Massacre photo

Beijing News recalled its July 24th edition because of a photo taken on the street of Beijing during June 4th 1989 democratic movement appeared in section C15 of the newspaper.

Beijing news has been carrying series coverage on China’s open door policy adopted 30 years ago. Its July 24th edition published an interview with Liu Xiangchen, author of the photo and former Beijing correspondent of AP.  The interview was titled “I use photos to record my journey in China.” The photo displayed an injured man being rushed to the hospital, which has been used by numerous worldwide news media in the past.

Source: BBC, July 25, 2008

Curbing Road Traffic and Factory Productions Helped in Reducing Air Pollution over Beijing

Curbing the road traffic and suspension of some factory productions have helped in bringing in down the Air Pollution Index (API) by 20%, according to the announcement made by the official from the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau today on July 25. Since July 1, the road traffic has been reduced by 25.1%. All construction works over the city involving cement and concrete have been suspended starting July 20. The four big coal-burning power plants have reduced the emission by 30%. Other major factories involving metallurgy, raw building materials, and petrochemical will either reduce emission or suspend production during the Olympic game.

Source: People’s Daily, July 25, 2008

Hu Jintao: Strive for a Successul Olympics is the Top Priority

On July 26, during the Communist Party’s group study held by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Hu Jintao is calling the various levels of Communist Party bureaus and municipal bodies to place the goal of hosting a successful Beijing Olympics and Paralympic Games as the top priority. He said: “as the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic is around the corner, the world’s attention is here. Various party bureaus and municipal bodies need to unite and form one understanding among each other. They need to coordinate well to further place the Olympics at its utmost important position.

Source: Xinhua, July 27, 2008

Olympics Security Driving People Out of Beijing – Example

As the Olympics is approaching, Beijing authorities has set up schemes that trap those who come to appeal in Beijing, reported Ming Pao on July 24, 2008 of the story from a reader, Mr. Fan Dingxian. 

Fan, a 68 year old retiree from Chongqing, Sichuan, waited for 4 hours before he was interviewed by a staff at the State Petition Bureau in Beijing. He complained about insufficient pension. He was then escorted into an enclosed area in the back of the government building, where armed police surrounded four to five hundreds of people like Fan. An officer announced that all must be on board the government chartered buses heading out of Beijing. Fan refused to go on board and was beaten black and blue.  In the end police carried him on board the bus. It was only after he attempted suicide that he was finally released outside Beijing.

Source: Ming Pao, July 24, 2008

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