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China’s 5th Generation Successors to Face Challenges and Tests in 2008

“To Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, the year 2008 is a year that is full of challenges and tests. It will determine their future as the 5th generation successors to the party. ” reported Oriental Daily, a Hong Kong based newspaper. Both Xi and Li are newly elected members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party. As the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission, Xi is being pressed to handle the recent protest in Tibet as well as threats of boycotting the Olympics from the West. He is also tasked with managing Hong Kong and Macau affairs. Li, on the other hand, heads China’s economic development where the stock and real estate markets, as well as consumer confidence and agriculture, fall on his plate.

Source: Boxun, April 22, 2008

Asian Times: Is Wu Bangguo Replacing Li Peng as the Representative of Conservative Faction?

Asian Times reports that Wu Bangguo, Chairman of National People’s Congress, published an article in Qiushi magazine, a top publication of the Chinese Communist Party, with a hard-line stance. Wu states in the article that China will never follow the political system of Western countries, will never have multiples party to take turns for power, and will never adopt the “separation of powers” and parliamentary system. Wu’s article sets a tone that is in sharp contrast to the direction of executive system reform.

Source: Asian Times (Chinese), April 21, 2008.

China Loses Over 600 Billion Yuan (US$85.7 Billion) in Overseas Gambling Each Year

The most recent issue of Jiuding magazine (Macao) revealed that over 600 billion yuan (US$85.7 billion) goes overseas from China in casino, Internet, and underground gambling each year. The amount is 15 times that of the whole country’s welfare and sports lotteries in 2003. The number was quoted from data released by the Chinese Public Security Ministry. The article was widely posted on many Chinese websites including state media Xinhua and China News Agency.

Source: Xinhua, April 21, 2008

About 10% of Xinhua Daily Postings are about the U.S. û Half of Them Negative

From April 1 through April 7, 2008, the State Xinhua News Agency posted 516 articles pertaining to the United States on its website 243 of them were negative, 187 were neutral, and 86 were positive. Negative reports covered topics such as U.S. troops in Iraq, economic recession and unemployment, CNN and U.S. media’s reporting on Tibet, U.S. presidential candidates, the "China Threat" theory, and arms sales to Taiwan. Examples of positive articles were Chinese obtaining permanent residency status, U.S. research on re-growing teeth, and an increase of U.S. investment in China. The total number of articles posted on during these 7 days was 5,314.
Source: Chinascope

Top Power Companies Post Huge Losses

For the first time, four out of five of the largest power companies are suffering from huge losses due to an increase in the price of coal, said Xinhua. The four are state-owned Datang Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation, Huadian Corporation and Guodian Corporation. All these power companies are state-owned.

According to official statistics released in April 2008, of the 4,773 power companies in China, 1,990 (41.69%) were in the red in the Jan-Feb period, which was 6.35 % higher than last year. The losses reached 13.79 billion yuan in the Jan-Feb period, a 218% increase over the same period last year.

In February 2008, Guandong Yudian Group Co., a Chinese power cmpany, purchased 7.5% stakes in Australia’s Whitehaven Coal Ltd (WHC) to ensure a consistent supply of coal.

Xinhua, April 8, 2008
China News, April 20, 2008

Xinhua Calls for Patriotism with Enthusiasm but Rationality

Xinhua posted a key message on its front page titled: “Take the Core Interests of the Country as the Top Priority; Express Patriotism with Enthusiasm but Rationality.” It published a series commentaries calling for rationality when expressing patriotism with titles such as “The best way to show patriotism is to focus on your own work” , “Patriotism with rationality is more powerful”, “College students and teachers: work and study hard; Express your patriotism with Rationality”, and “Do not Fall in the trap set up by the anti-China forces.”

Source: Xinhua, April 21, 2008