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China Expanding its Influence Through Confucius Institutes

China is expanding its influence through Confucius Institutes, says Deputy Minister of Education according to a government portal under the State Council. Currently there are 256 Confucius Institutes in 81 countries. Over 100 countries have applied with the Chinese government. These establishments are primarily funded by oveasea partners while both Chinese government and overseas partner share the management. These institutes have been used to further the Chinese government policy on oversea Chinese and encourage their patriotism toward China. Confucius Intstitues are headquartered in Beijing under the Office of Chinese Language Council International of the State. It goal is to establish 500 Confucius Institites by 2010.

Source: China Internet Information Center, March 12, 2009

7,000 Border Police Stationed as Village Cadres

A Ministry of Public Security (MPS) official recently revealed a massive dispatch of officials and police from MPS border control corps into bordering regions since early December 2008. 600,000 personnel were sent out and 7,123 police were stationed at local villages, serving as local Party chief or member of Village Committee. It’s reported that 16,112 social conflicts were solved and 449 social unrests were handled.

Source:, March 11, 2009

Commentary: Obama Follows Bush’s Old Path

China’s state media Guangming published an article commenting Obama’s Iraq policy—“Non-Withdrawal’s Withdrawal, Non-fight’s fight, Obama Follows Bush’s Old Path.” The article was also published in other major state media and websites. The article says “Due to U.S.’s geopolitical factor in Middle East, whether it is ‘ending’ or ‘withdrawal’ from (Iraq war), U.S, has not and will not ‘responsibly end the war.’ At the same time, it will absolutely make all kinds of reasons to indirectly occupy Iraq. Therefore, Americans will forever live in illusions. This is America’s ‘always beauty’ legend. But the end of Iraq war is not an end.” The article continues, “In all, Iraq’s occupation will not be interrupted, (U.S.) will continue to control Iraq militarily, economically, and politically. Bush used lies and cheating in the past. Today’s democrats will do the same to maintain and consolidate the occupation. After 19 months, who can say the occupation will not continue?”

Source: Guangming net, March 8, 2009

Intensive Training for Top Public Security Officials Linked to Upcoming Social Unrests

About 3,080 county public security bureau directors will go through a 10 day intensive training in Beijing in the next 6 months, a first in Chinese history, said China Public Security Ministry official. Starting from Feb 28, these public security officials will be in class in 7 separate groups. The first group has 425 Directors. The instructors at the training sessions in Beijing include Vice Minister of Public Security and other top Party officials. The top public security bureau directors expressed in class discussions that their biggest headache is social unrests. 2009 will be a high season for social unrests, according to Xinhua.

Xinhua, February 27, 2009
Nanfang Daily, February 26, 2009

Beijing Censor Tiananmen Square Massacre Questioning

On March 2, Monday, at a press conference of China’s Political Consultative Conference, the Communist Party’s showpiece political event, a Voice of America reporter questioned the government response to letters written by Tiananmen Mothers, families of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre victims.

According to Hong Kong based Mingpao report, it caused a “commotion” among the audience. Zhao Qizheng, the spokesperson replied with “Chinese government has had a clear conclusion on the political disturbance in 1980’s.” While CCTV was live broadcasting the whole press conference, it immediately switched to another program when the Q&A started. In the following Xinhua news, that part was also blacked out.

Source: Voice of America, March 3, 2009

Xinhua: Other Western Countries Should Follow Hillary to Put Economy Ahead of Human Rights

An article titled “Hillary Visits China: Economy Ahead of Human Right, Cooperation over Discrepancy” on Xinhua’s website applauds Hillary Clinton’s realism in her China visit. The article says “Human rights issue was out of the focus at the top level meeting between China and U.S. demonstrates that the balance of China and U.S.’s mutual influence has materially changed. Now U.S.’s need of China is increasing. … U.S. can not possibly be as hard-lined as before. At the same time, more and more of the core interest of both countries are overlapped. Many issues require the cooperation of both countries to resolve. As compared to the big countries’ cooperation, human rights issue naturally becomes less important.” The article also quoted the comment by Professor Xiong Zhiyong from China Foreign Affairs University, saying “Hillary Clinton’s statement is realistic, and is the right choice of U.S.’s China policy. It is worth other Western countries to follow.”

Source: Xinhua, Feb. 23, 2009

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