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Hong Kong

NTDTV: Hong Kong Policemen Were Taped Replacing Uniforms with the Clothing of Protesters

According to NTDTV, during recent protests in Hong Kong, there were groups of gangsters in white or blue clothing attacking the protesters. Also among the protesters, some individuals were shouting and even acted like criminals. It was suspected that Hong Kong policemen or CCP undercover agents played these roles to make the protests seem to be “out of control” or more “chaotic.” Now, the suspicion has some evidence behind it. Some Hong Kong policemen were videotaped while they gathering in or around their police vehicles. They were taped changing out of their uniforms and into white clothing .

On Sunday evening, August 4th, some Hong Kong people took a video and uploaded it to YouTube. The video showed that, in the parking lot of the Ngau Tau Kok District Police Station, a police van marked “AM7113” on the top had the door open. A group of police officers gathered inside and around the police vehicle. On the left side of the van, several police officers took off their uniforms and replaced them with black or white clothing. During this period, several people in black were returning to the other side of the van.  [Editor’s note: At 0:27 two persons in black clothing with white masks walked to the van. One of them entered the van, while another with a cell-phone in his left hand and a flashlight in his right hand walked away. At 2:11, the same man returned to the van again.].

Another video on Twitter was taken at possibly the same location. It displayed at the end of the same police vehicle [AM7113], that several police officers, while at the back side of the vehicle were replacing their white clothing.

In addition to the AM7113 vehicle, there were still many police cars parked on site. The car numbers that could be seen included AM8052, AM8053, and AM8185. According to public information, the license plate numbers of the Hong Kong government vehicles started mostly with AM, while the police car numbers started with AM6, AM7, AM8, AM98 and AM99. AM7113 belongs to the Tseung Kwan O Police Station.

These videos caused a heated discussion on the network. Some netizens suspected that the police mixed into the demonstrators and that their actions gave the police their excuse for arresting demonstrators.

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Huanqiu Editorial: U.S. Slams Hong Kong Media

An official editorial from a China State media, Huanqiu (Global Times), attempted to rebut a statement that the U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus made on August 8. Ortagus described China as a “thuggish regime” because it disclosed personal details about a U.S. diplomat who met student leaders involved in the Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. Earlier, a China-controlled media, the Hong Kong newspaper Ta Kung Pao, published a photograph of a U.S. diplomat, identified as Julie Eadeh of the consulate’s political section, talking to student leaders, including Joshua Wong, in the lobby of a luxury hotel. It also published personal details about her family members.

“However,” said Huanqiu , “the U.S. State Department slammed the Hong Kong media on Thursday, and described the report exposing U.S. diplomat Ms. Eadeh’s past experience in instigating a ‘color revolution’ as ‘disclosing the personal information of U.S. diplomats.’ It attributed the media report to the [Chinese] government, and said that is what a thuggish regime would do.”

Huanqiu continued, “The Hong Kong media have the right to expose the situation of U.S. diplomats who are actively intervening in Hong Kong and to let people know what kind of people they are in order to form a more comprehensive understanding of the situation in Hong Kong. This is the duty of the media and the [Chinese] government has nothing to do with it.”

It concluded, “All this that the internal and external forces created is nothing but a phantom. With the strong support of the [Chinese Communist Party] Central Committee, the vast Hong Kong people who are patriotic and love Hong Kong will have the courage to stand up. The conspiracy will be shattered and the turmoil will be crushed. The time will come when the mob will be brought to justice.”

Source: Huanqiu, August 9, 2019

Liberty Times: Beijing Is Planning to Impose Martial Law in Hong Kong

According to Liberty Times, Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman who applied for asylum in exile in the United States, said in a live broadcast on August 1 that he has obtained internal information from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that the Communist Party has fully issued a statement of its intent to declare martial law in Hong Kong!

Guo said that the CCP’s preliminary plan is to start implementing the martial law between August 4 and 6, subject to the situation on the 5th of the development of the upcoming August 5th protest. All groups of people, including the Hong Kong government staff, are planning to participate in that protest. The CCP’s martial law is said to be based on China’s National Security Law and the PLA’s Garrison Law in Hong Kong, and is to be “at the request of the Hong Kong Government.”

Guo pointed out that, during the period of martial law in Hong Kong, basically no person will be allowed to enter Hong Kong but only to exit. Both the Hong Kong Government and the PLA’s Garrison will establish the martial law headquarters. It will control the food, drink, medicine and medical treatment, and society’s security. One country with two systems will die completely.

It is said that foreign personnel and institutions stationed in Hong Kong will be investigated and the protesters, who have been on the streets since June 9, will be arrested.

Source: Liberty Times, August 2, 2019

Gangsters Attacked and Wounded Protesters in Hong Kong

The Epoch Times reported that gangsters attacked protesters in Hong Kong at the Yuen Long Train Station on Sunday July 21. About 430,000 protesters joined in an anti-extradition parade to protest that the Hong Kong government has not responded to citizen’s appeals. When the parade was at the Train Station of Yuen Long, more than one hundred gangsters came out to beat the protesters. The gangsters wore white clothes and masks. They used batons to beat people rather brutally and even entered the train cars to beat people inside. At least 36 people, including Democratic legislator Lam Cheuk Ting and a reporter from Stand News, were wounded and sent to four hospitals. One is still in critical situation. (Editor’s note: Newer reports had the injury count at 45).

The report cited six videos of the gangsters brutally beating protesters. Another video showed a youth kneeling at a train car door begging the gangster not to enter, but someone in white punched him and he fell down.

Many people asked, “Where were the police.” An article in the Guardian stated, “When police arrived at the station after 11pm, the assailants had left and angry protesters demanded to know why they had taken so long to get there.”

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New Plan from Hong Kong: Withdraw Cash from Bank of China

RFI reported that protesters in Hong Kong have called for a new action this weekend: withdraw cash from the Bank of China.

As the anti-extradition bill movement continues in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong people raised “Five Major Requests” for the response of the authorities.
1. Remove the extradition bill;
2. Retract the “riot” declaration;
3. Investigate the police accountability in firing at people (on June 12);
4. Do not prosecute protesters; and
5. Carrie Lam should resign.

Some protesters called for an action to target Chinese banks to apply pressure to Beijing.

The plan was passed among people via an Internet platform Telegram. On Twitter, the plan is called “Everyone to Withdraw Cash: Send the Bank of China Back to China.” The announcement requests the Hong Kong government respond to each and every item of the “five major requests” by 6 p.m. on Friday July 12. Otherwise, it calls for everyone to take their money out of the Bank of China.

The announcement pointed out that withdrawing money does not break the law and should not be investigated or result in arrest. Nor should the authorities go after anyone after the event is settled. Withdrawal will start on the morning of July 13. The location will be announced on the TG channel on the evening of July 12. If there is no announcement, people should go to Bank of China’s branches near their homes.

Source: RFI, July 8, 2019港澳台/20190708-香港反送中新计划全民到中国银行取钱测试其压力