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China Hosts Its Annual College Entrance Exam

China held its annual college entrance exam on June 7 and 8 in most regions. It is the largest government-organized exam in the world. This year, the number of participating high school students reached 10.5 million, the highest in history. They are competing for 5.9 million college student spots which is a 5 percent increase from last year. There were a total of 2500 test regions, 8700 centers, 360,000 test sites, and 1 million supervision staff nationwide participated.

Source:  People’s Daily, June 7, 2008

China to Build First Inland Nuclear Power Plant in Hubei Province

The country’s first inland nuclear power plant is under construction in Tongshan County of Xian Ning City in Hubei Province. Built by the Hubei Nuclear Power Corporation, the plant is expected to be completed within the next five years. To relieve the power shortage in Hubei Province, the power plant will have a capacity exceeding 10 million kilowatts with an annual supply in 80 trillion kilowatts. Total investment in the project is 50 trillion yuan (US$7.2 trillion).

Source: China News, June 6, 2008

17 Internet “Rumormongers” Investigated and Dealt with By Chinese Police

According to Xinhua (May 15), the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said that so far there have been 17 internet "rumormongers" following the Sichuan earthquake who have been investigated and dealt with. Police found those rumormongers spreading fake information aimed to cause social instability. Public security in eleven provinces and cities including Hebei, Liaoning and Anhui have investigated more than 40 cases of rumors. So far, seventeen people have been dealt with – two were detained, two agreed to sign repentance statements and the other thirteen have been criticized and asked not to do this again.

Source: Xinhua, May 15, 2008

First Confucius Institute Opened in Mongolia

On May 2, 2008, the opening ceremony of the first Confucius Institute of the National University of Mongolia was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

According to the statistics by the office of Chinese Language Council International, as of March 2008, 238 Confucius Institutes have opened in 69 countries and regions. The number has nearly doubled in two years from 2006 when 120 Confucius Institutes were established in 50 countries and regions.

Xinhua, May 2, 2008
The office of Chinese Language Council International

China UniCom to Promote Firewall Service for Cellular Messaging

China UniCom announced today that it would introduce a “Firewall” service for its Cellular Messaging users throughout China to combat the problem of “junk” messages. Through technological innovation, this automatic service allows incoming messages to be filtered based on pre-selected key words, according to one senior engineer of the state-owned company. The company also announced a platform for users to report “unhealthy” messages that can be analyzed and reported to the authorities automatically. According to China’s Internet Association for Anti-Junk Mails Working Committee, cellular phone users in China have received a total of 353.9 billions junk messages in 2007, a 92.7% increase from 2006.

Source: Xinhua, April 29, 2008

Public Opinion survey on Reviving College Morale

China Youth Online conducted a survey on measures to take in reviving morale at colleges. The survey results suggested the following:

71.3 percent – emphasize education on a human plane; encourage students to “challenge and question” and form individual personalities;
64.9 percent – need the whole society to respect education and creativity rather than merely promoting wealth and power;
55.3 percent – improve teachers’ skills and ability; standardize teachers’ skill training;
53.5 percent – apart from academics, college teachers need to pursue moral values and self-restraint;
51.3 percent – improve transparency to allow colleges to have more flexibility to grow;
37.6 percent – encourage more college professors to get involved in school management.

Source: China Youth Online, April 28, 2008

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