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Senior Chinese Official Threatens to Take Taiwan by Force

Wang Zaixi, former deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office under China’s State Council, recently published an article in the state media People’s Political Consultative Conference Newspaper. Wang said, “It may be difficult to achieve the purpose of reunification across the strait if we do not use military force and rely solely on political negotiations, non-governmental exchanges, and unconditionally making compromises.”

Regarding the reason why China should pursue military means, the former senior official said that it is because the situation in Taiwan has undergone fundamental changes and that the possibility of peaceful reunification is diminishing. In his view, the “Taiwan independence” forces have already taken a strong hold in Taiwan and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which advocates “Taiwan independence, has taken the stage and fully grasped power in Taiwan. The Kuomintang (KMT), which opposes “Taiwan independence,” has lost its ability to check and balance the issue.

Wang also proposed the “Peking Mode,” a third option in his view. The so-called “Peking Mode” is also a warfare choice, where the reunification is achieved through using military force as a threat and winning the war without a battle. “This mode can minimize casualties and reduce costs.” “The Peking Mode” got its name from the Battle of Pingjin during the Chinese civil war between 1948 and 1949, when the Chinese Communist’s military surrounded the city of Peking (today’s Beijing) and forced the 250,000 KMT troops to surrender.

When Xi Jinping, head of Chinese Communist Party, inspected the navy a few days ago, he said, “We must put all our minds and energy on preparing for a war and maintain a high level of alertness.” This remark was regarded as a threat to the DPP government. Wang Zaixi declared that mainland China now basically has the strength and conditions to resolve the Taiwan issue.

In December 2019, Wang also made a comment on when and how to “solve the Taiwan issue.” He said, “If the KMT had won the election, cross-strait relations would ease, but reunification will take more time. If the DPP continues to govern, the cross-strait relations will intensify, but it may accelerate the reunification process.”

Source: Radio France International, November 9, 2020中国/20201109-中国国台办前副主任王在希-不动用武力两岸恐难实现统一

New Indicator of CCP Official’s Performance Evaluation — Safeguarding Xi’s Core Position

China’s state media Xinhua News Agency reported on November 5 that the Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Central Committee has issued the “Notice on Improving the Performance Evaluation to Promote High-Quality Development.” The item listed in the notice requires CCP cadres to implement the “two safeguards” as a basic criterion for evaluating an officials’ performance. The so-called “two safeguards” are the slogans that the authorities put forward after Xi Jinping took office: “Safeguard Xi Jinping’s core position in the CCP Central Committee and the entire party; safeguard the authority of the CCP Central Committee and centralized leadership.”

According to the report, this notice required all regions and units to implement “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,” and implement the “Regulations on the Evaluation of the CCP and the Government’s Leading Cadres.”

The CCP Central Committee issued the full text of its “Work Regulations” in mid-October. This regulation requires that the Central Committee, the Politburo and their members take the lead in safeguarding “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s core position in the Central Committee and the entire party.”

Source: Central News Agency, November 5, 2020

Huanqiu Mistakenly Reported the FEC Chairman for Stating, “No Voter Fraud”

As China’s state media is picking up media coverage on the U.S. election, the Chinese readers are not receiving reports from all sides. On November 7, Ellen Weintraub, the former Chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) who is currently acting as the Democrat Commissioner of the FEC, had an interview with CNN. China’s mouthpiece Huanqiu published the interview in Chinese on its website with the title “Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission: No Evidence of Voter Fraud and Illegal Votes Being Cast.” The article quoted the following statement that Weintraub made: “State and local officials and poll workers throughout the country really stepped up.  … There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud. There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast. … There really has been no evidence of fraud. None of the complaints have any evidence of fraud attached to them.”

However, Huanqiu misstated Ellen Weintraub’s title as the Chairman of the FEC. Based on the FEC website, the FEC Chair is James E. “Trey” Trainor, III.

Ironically, Trey Trainor confirmed during an interview with Newsmax TV on Nov 6, that there was voter fraud. He commented that locations such as Pennsylvania that did not grant access to observers to watch the ballot counting process could be instances of voter fraud.

“I do believe that there has been voter fraud taking place in these places,” he said. “Otherwise why wouldn’t they allow the observers to go in?”

Huanqiu didn’t cover Trey Trainer’s statements in its article.

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Slovakia Outlawed the Communist Party

Slovakia recently passed a law declaring that the former Czechoslovak Communist Party is a criminal organization and prohibited displaying communism and Nazi fascist signs in public. After Ukraine, the three Baltic countries, and Poland, Slovakia became an additional Eastern European country that took similar actions.

The Slovak Parliament passed a legal amendment on November 4, declaring that the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, which was in power from 1948 to 1990, and the branch of the Communist Party in Slovakia are criminal organizations. The reason is that the Communist Party suppressed civil society and restricted the freedom of the people during its ruling period.

The law prohibits signs that symbolize communism, Nazi fascism and other authoritarian political systems from being on monuments and commemorative plaques. It also prohibits naming streets, squares, and other public places after Communists and Nazi fascists. The vast majority of parliamentarians voted affirmatively to support the passage of this law.

In recent years, countries such as Ukraine, the three Baltic countries, and Poland, which have a history of communist rule, have adopted a number of methods to remove communism.  They denounced that communism as being the equivalent of Nazi fascism. The European Parliament also passed corresponding resolutions. Slovakia, once a member of the socialist camp, therefore became another Eastern European country that took similar actions. As early as 1993, in a law on the communist system, the Czech Republic, Slovakia’s neighboring country, defined the Czechoslovak Communist Party as a criminal organization .

Like the Communist Parties in many countries in the world, the Czechoslovak Communist Party was formed in the early 1920s and subsequently received leadership and commands from the Communist International and Moscow. The Czechoslovak Communist Party is also closely linked to political persecution and to bloody repression.

Source: Voice of America, November 6, 2020

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Demands Hong Kong Radio Stations Play China National Anthem

Under pressure from the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region) government, all three major Hong Kong radio stations announced that they will start playing the China  national anthem in the morning. Radio Hong Kong announced that it plans to start broadcasting the Chinese national anthem on its radio channels at 8 am starting on the 16th of this month. Commercial Radio and Metro Radio also said today that they will play the national anthem at 8 am.

In addition, the Education Bureau issued a notice to primary and secondary schools, telling the schools to organize activities to promote the “National Constitution Day” on December 4. The request received some concerns that the schools are already overloaded due to COVID and the request was merely a political task.

Source: Radio Free Asia, November 7, 2020

China Announces the Draft Maritime Police Law

On November 4, the Chinese legislature — the National People’s Congress —announced the draft of the Maritime Police Law. This draft stipulates the tasks and rights of the Chinese coast guard when carrying out surveillance activities in the waters surrounding China. It stipulates that the China Coast Guard has the authority to remove or interrogate forcibly those who are on foreign ships illegally entering China’s territorial waters.

The draft further states that if a foreign vessel conducts illegal activities in the waters under China’s jurisdiction and does not obey the order, the coast guard can use weapons to enforce the law. Regarding the maritime police’s law enforcement area, in addition to China’s territorial waters, the draft also includes the exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf.

Chinese Coast Guard ships have repeatedly invaded Japanese territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa County, where China claimed sovereignty, and have even followed Japanese fishing boats.

China has included the Coast Guard in the Armed Police Force, which is under the jurisdiction of the Chinese military. With the introduction of large ships, the coast guard may further strengthen its maritime activities in the future. The outside world is worried that after the Maritime Police Law is enacted, the Chinese coast guard ships will affect Japanese fishing boats operating in the waters around the Senkaku Islands.

Source: NHK Chinese, November 4, 2020

China Increased Media Coverage as U.S. Presidential Election Is Undecided

The result of the U.S. presidential election is undecided. The Chinese state media, which originally strictly controlled the reporting on the election, recently changed and even started to report on the differences in the vote projections that different U.S. main stream media made and on the protests in different U.S. cities.

A Chinese news reporter confirmed that Beijing had previously issued orders requiring that news related to the U.S. presidential election must be “coordinated” and the source must be an official media like Xinhua. There was to be no reprinting or follow-up on foreign media reports without authorization. News reports must comply with the statements from China’s spokesperson and strictly guard against messages or actions that might instigate anti-U.S. or boycott the U.S. sentiment.

Starting on November 5, Chinese state media significantly increased coverage of the U.S. presidential election. The focus is on the delay in the counting of votes, increases in mail-in votes, and on early voters resulting from COVID 19, and the “chaos” it has created. The media also showed footage of the protests of both Trump and Biden supporters.

Although the official media deliberately amplified that the vote was undecided, some Chinese people opted to track the election process on the Internet for days. A Beijing citizen observed that state media was too slow and only suitable for seniors. If anyone really wanted to track it in real time, he could watch it on the U.S. media sites directly.

Source: Central News Agency, November 7, 2020

Evidence shows that Dahua Technology Is behind Xinjiang’s Surveillance Network

IPVM, a U.S. based company focusing on video surveillance, released a video report on Thursday, November 5, which revealed a secret it discovered in the products of Dahua Technology, a partially state-owned publicly traded company based in China which sells video surveillance products and services. The report stated that the wording “EM_NATION_TYPE_UYGUR” was found in the code of a product downloaded from Dahua Technology’s website.

These English words mean “ethnic type: Uyghur.” Next to these words are the Chinese characters of “维族 (新疆),” meaning “Uyghur (Xinjiang).” One can tell that this video surveillance software has a facial recognition function for Uyghur facial features.

IPVM contacted Dahua Technology for an explanation, but Dahua declined to comment. IPVM reported that the relevant information on Dahua Technology’s website was deleted about 30 minutes after IPVM made the contact.

Dahua Technology, headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is one of China’s largest artificial intelligence companies. As of 2019, it occupied the second largest share of the global video surveillance equipment and service market, with an annual revenue of US$3.7 billion. The company has 16,000 employees.

Governments around the world have strongly condemned the concentration camps in Xinjiang that imprison millions of Uyghur Muslims. The huge video surveillance network has enabled Chinese police to arrest and repatriate Uyghur Muslims who had fled across the country.

Dahua and many artificial intelligence companies in China have participated in the construction of this network. They use artificial intelligence technology to design facial recognition software based on the facial features of the Uighurs, and they help the police to achieve all-round control of the Uighurs. Wherever Uighurs flee, they will be located quickly, detained or deported.

IPVM discovered that more than a dozen public security units in China have installed such software. Dahua claims it has won almost $1 billion in massive Xinjiang police surveillance deals.

The US government sanctioned Dahua in October 2019 because of its complicity in human rights abuses against Uyghurs. In response, Dahua bragged about how this showcased its “strong technology.” South China Morning Post reported that, last month, the company changed its product brand and still promoted its products on Amazon.

Dahua Technology’s main competitors are Hikvision, Megvii Technology, SenseTime and Yitu Technology. All of them have participated in the Xinjiang video surveillance network projects. Several of them are also on the United States’ sanctions list.

Source: Voice of America, November 5, 2020