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About Us


  • Chinascope is a media research entity that gathers, translates, and periodically analyzes Chinese-language media reporting and documents that are generally inaccessible to the West. Through its daily reports and publications, Chinascope makes important, original Chinese source material available to the many parties for whom such information is increasingly vital. Today more than ever elected officials, policy analysts, scholars, and corporations must keep abreast of developments in China. Chinascope’s candid and objective presentation allows readers to feel the pulse of PRC opinion makers. Its contents provide a unique window into Chinese policy making, official attitudes, social developments, changing perceptions of the West, and much more. The organization is based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, and is owned by Global Communications Association, Inc., an independent, nonpartisan, 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.

Publications & Resources

Chinascope offers an ever-expanding repertoire of resources for understanding today’s China, including:

  • Daily news briefing
  • Weekly news bulletin
  • Key document reports
  • Analysis papers
  • Bi-monthly journal

Unique Offerings

Chinascope gives subscribers access to a wealth of invaluable information, much of it not generally available in the West, via offerings such as:

  • Timely translations of PRC news and views
  • Articles that chart Chinese public opinion and social trends
  • Insightful commentary from Chinese scholars on current affairs in China and events potentially impacting the Western world
  • Translations of key PRC propaganda as well as documents of strategic importance and policy statements


  • June 2003:   Bi-weekly “e-news bulletin”
  • March 2004:   Special report “Geneva in the Spotlight” makes waves at U.N. Human Rights Commission annual meeting
  • October 2004:   First issue of Chinascope journal published
  • May 2007:   Daily news briefs begin
  • January 2008:   The Chinascope website, including online news briefings, reports, and analyses, was launched
  • September 2016: Major website redesign completed

Who We Are

The Chinascope team consists of committed individuals with a professional and first-hand knowledge of Chinese society, culture, and politics. Its mission is to close the information gap between China and the West through timely and objective publications specific to China.