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Tianjin Forces Non-Public Companies and Social Organizations to Create Political Commissar Position

Tianjin’s Working Committee on Non-Public Economic Organizations and Social Organizations recently held a meeting to launch an effort to set up the (Communist Party’s) Political Commissar position in all non-public organizations and social organizations.

“The meeting emphasized that creating the Political Commissar position is a political task designed to enhance the Communist Party’s presence in social organizations. It requested that organizations that are real business entities complete this task by the end of June and all other organizations complete it by the end of this year.”

Tianjin Attorney offices plan to complete it by May 20. In 2016, there were 5,918 attorneys and 678 attorney offices in Tianjin. 2,038 attorneys were Communist Party members.

Many people expressed disapproval of this news. Beijing human rights attorney Cheng Hai said, “It cannot last. What will the Political Commissar manage? People’s minds? Attorneys are supposed to follow the law and be responsible to the law (but not to the Political Commissar).”

A citizen in Guizhou Province commented, “The law obeys the Party. (This move) clarifies the relationship between the law and the Party.”

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