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A China Built High-voltage Power Transmission Project in Mongolia

The completion ceremony for the China built 330 kV power transmission project connecting Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar to Mandalgovi, the capital of Dundgovi Province in Mongolia, was recently held in Mandalgovi. The power transmission project is the first cross-region high-voltage transmission line in Mongolia, aiming at improving the local power supply, enhancing grid security and stability, and reducing electricity costs. The website of the Dundgovi provincial government claimed that the project achieved the interconnection of the Mongolian central power system and the southern power system, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the southern power grid in the country.

Mongolia’s Minister of Energy stated that the project will solve the problem of the local power shortage. In recent years, China has launched projects to help the livelihood of those in Mongolia, greatly promoting the economic and social development of Mongolia.

The Chinese ambassador to Mongolia said that China has been providing aid and preferential loans to Mongolia to support the country’s infrastructure and major livelihood projects. It plays an important role in pairing China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” with Mongolia’s “Development Path” strategy and promoting Mongolia’s economic and social development.

Source: People’s Daily, October 31, 2019